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Dance Marathon UNICEF

On Friday night, UNICEF hosted their Dance Marathon in the Bristol Field House. They had a DJ who played his special mixes for the event. Food was provided and donations were accepted. President Marc Gearan and his wife Mary Gearan came out to support them.

CSA Library Program

The CSA dance program, the board members of CSA went to the library and taught community members about the different styles of Caribbean dancing (dance hall, merengue, and bachata). In return some of the attendees showed them how to swing dance! It was truly cross-cultural learning!

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Dinner and Conversation with Howard McGary

The Intercultural Affairs hosted Dr. Howard McGary, a Philosophy professor from Rutgers University for a dinner and conversation in the Game Room. He discussed the difficulties and barriers that he faced growing up in Los Angeles as a Black man, and related his experience to the overall Black community.

Fashion Show

Last Friday, LAO and Sankofa put on their first Fashion Show. They had pieces representing the past, the present and the future of each of their culture. They will be auctioning the pieces soon, here are some pictures of the event:

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Shopping Trip

On Saturday, the Intercultural Affairs Center sponsored a trip to the East Syracuse Mall. Students met at the Intercultural Affairs Center and went in a van to go shopping for their graduation attire or just for some leisure expenditures.





Arabian Nights

This past Saturday, Project Nur hosted their Arabian Nights. Celebrating Arabic culture, they had poetry readings, games, language learning, typical foods and bellydancers. The Keynote Speaker was Professor Liliana Leopardi from the Art History department. Collaborating with the newly founded UNICEF club. The money collected from ticket sales were going toward the UNICEF projects in Syria. Here are some pictures from the event:

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Tasting Salsa

On Friday night, Natalia Hernandez held one of her RA programs by going to the Salsa club in Syracuse. The students who went, enjoyed their time and danced the night away. Here are some pictures of the event.

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On Saturday CSA hosted its 15th Masquerade Ball at the Bellhurst Castle. More than 150 people from the Colleges came to celebrate and watch performances. Everyone had a good time and enjoyed their night.

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Meeting with the Peace Corps Ben Cox

Ben Cox came to the Intercultural Affairs Center to talk about his experiences being in the Peace Corps as a volunteer in Ukraine. He talked about the projects he was assigned as well as the challenges of working in his community and his thoughts on the current situation.

Cleopatra: From African Queen to Shifting Icon

Melvin Hill Visiting Professor Dr. Shelly Haley came to speak about Cleopatra and how her image has been constructed to what is seen in pop culture. She talked about Cleopatra being originally Egyptian not Greek. Greek people have been known to have fair ski. She also talked about the social constructs of what makes a beautiful person, skin tone being one of them.

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