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International Dinner

Last Sunday, the Intercultural Affairs Center hosted a dinner on Sunday serving Puerto Rican food from El Morro located in Geneva. There was a salsa demonstration as well. Here are some pictures, videos and comments from the event,

I love hosting the International Dinners because this allows for me to see how students interact with each other and learn how to spread their culture and diversity in a comfortable setting. That is the part that I enjoy the most, these interactions make me feel that I have run a successful event.” Marjorye Santos WS’17

Culture through the Arts

Throughout last week, in the Scandling Center, the Intercultural Affairs Center and Student Activities collaborated to expose the campus to the immense cultural pool found at the Colleges. Here are some pictures, videos, and comments from the event,

I attended most of the events, and I was so appreciative that I was able to broaden my horizon about culture on this campus. The arts that were being displayed fueled me to help support the different cultures that are present on campus” Eliss Mañon WS”14

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Place at the Table

Last Monday, in the Vandervort Room, there was a movie screening and a panel discussion about the movie of the “Place at the Table”. This movie exposed how people eat, how food is wasted and how people are unaware about the affects of food deprivation, malnutrition, and other social issues surrounding food. Here are some pictures and comments from the event,

 “I’ve seen the film twice now, and I’m always struck by how our media discourse can tend to focus on individuals and their eating habits or choices, while not paying enough attention to our public policy and how it can disenfranchise certain groups of people, while enriching companies or individuals who are already privileged and wealthy.  It’s morally repugnant that we are the richest nation on this earth but we have these huge issues of hunger, food deserts, and malnutrition.  It’s up to us as citizens to work together to demand different public policy and elect different leaders.  Clearly, they are not going to do it for us under the current system.” Jeremy Wattles, Assistant Director of the Center for Community Engagement & Service-Learning

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Fireside Chat With Faculty: Profesor Conde

Last Wednesday, Profesor Conde from the Spanish and Hispanic Studies Department came to the Intercultural Affairs Center to lead a discussion about the author Garcia-Marquez and read some of his short stories. Here are some pictures and some comments from the event,

Profesor Conde was able to create a comfortable setting, which allowed him to create a personal relationship between the works that he was reading and himself. That aspect was extremely interesting to me. I really enjoyed it!” Darline Polanco

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Scandal Viewing Party

Every Thursday, the Intercultural Affairs Center hosts a Scandal Viewing Party where students come to watch one of their favorite shows being aired on television. Here are some comments from the party,

Great way to meet other Scandal fanatics” - Namboowa Bakiika WS’15

I love the community that surrounds me. It makes me happy!” – Amber Williams WS’17

The Writing Table

This last Thursday the Writing Table took place, here are some pictures and comments about the Writing Table,

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She was great. I have an idea of what to write now. – Thank you!” – Denisse Cotto WS’15

Corning Glass Museum

On Tuesday of Fall Break, the Intercultural Affairs Center led a trip to the Corning Glass Museum in Corning, NY. Here are some pictures from the trip,

Columbus Day

On October 13th during Fall Break, the Intercultural Affairs Center hosted a road trip to the Waterloo Outlets. Here are some comments from the trip,

I just wanted to get off campus during Fall Break with friends and meet other new people.” – Samantha Ruthazer WS’18

Later that day, the students were invited to a local restaurant in Geneva. Here are some comments from the dinner,

It was great to connect, in a casual environment, with people I would not normally hang out with.” – Marjorye Santos WS’17


Fall Break Brunch

On Sunday of Fall Break, the Intercultural Affairs Center hosted a Fall Break Brunch for the students who stayed on campus during Fall Break. Here are some pictures from the event,

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Movie Pass

The Saturday of Fall Break, the Intercultural Affairs Center sponsored students to a free trip to the Geneva Movie Complex. Here are some pictures of the students who attended the event:

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