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Club Leaders Dinner

On Sunday, the Intercultural Affairs held a dinner in the Vandervort Room where they invited all student leaders to attend. At the dinner, the club leaders were discussing their programs and events for the upcoming semester. At the end of the evening, the club leaders were instructed to break up into groups and discuss ways no shed light on the ideas of Sex Positivity during meeting times, events and as a club leader. Here are some pictures:

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Writing Collegues Meeting

On Sunday, Alex Janney hosted her Writing Collegues Meeting where all the newly accepted Writing Collegues to interact and participate in team building activities. They learned how to deal with tough situations with students and professors and felt as if they had learned how to work through difficult situations.

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Trip to Eastview Mall

Last Saturday the International Student took a trip to the Eastview Mall in Rochester. There they purchased back to school items. Here is a picture of those who attended the trip:



Islamic Fashion Show

Last Tuesday, the Intercultural Affairs Center and Professor Anwar brought a taste of Indonesian fashion to the Hobart and William Smith Colleges campus. Before the Fashion Show there was a presentation on how to wear a fashionable hijab. Here are some pictures from the event:


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60 Second Series: German Reception

As we return to college life and events are starting to kick into high gear, the 60 Second Series has returned. The 60 Second Series is video series where we will interview club leaders, guest speakers or attendees at certain events to get a one on one feedback about that specific event.  In this edition, we were on the scene at the German Reception where we interviewed some of the attendees.

German Reception

This past Saturday, the Intercultural Affairs partnered with the German Department to welcome a new German exchange student and its new faculty. The event was well attended and brought students closer to getting an understanding for German culture and food as there was a large buffet. Here below are some pictures from the event:

Involvement Expo

This past Friday, Hobart William and Smith held its annual involvement expo. This event is where most of the clubs on campus come together on the quad to expose their clubs to the incoming class. This year, more than 65 clubs participated including many culture clubs, here are some pictures from the event:

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The IC Ice Bucket Challenge

This summer, many people around the country have become involved in raising awareness for ALS also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease through the Ice Bucket Challenge, where people donate money and dump a bucket of ice water on their heads to show support for the cause. The ice water is supposed to resemble what it feels like to have the disease in terms of loss of nerve and muscle feeling. Students and Professor Molina at the IC joined in on the challenge as well.  To donate go to: http://www.alsa.org/donate/

Summer Time Happenings & Experiences

Student Perspective:

As the summer comes to an end, Ryan Mullaney H’16 talks about his experience attending trips that the IC has hosted this summer.

Native American Dance & Music Festival

Native American

Native American Neill

Native American Long House

“It was nice to experience a culture that is different from your own. I liked seeing how Native Americans lived way before all the technology.”

-Eliss Manon WS’14

           “I was able to learn about a culture  I am unfamiliar with. It shows how we need tobe more open minded and respectful of all cultures and traditions.” – Neill Jaico H’15

Native American Dolls

        Students experience and learn about the Native American culture and traditions by visiting the Native American Dance & Music Festival at the Ganondagan in Victor. NY.

Convention Days 2014 -“Diversity and Equality–Local, State, National, & Global  


“Excellent and relaxing trip, it is engaging for ALL people”

-Ryan Mullaney H’16

???????????????????????????????Students celebrate Convention Days, which took place in Seneca Falls. Convention Days celebrates Seneca Falls as a cornerstone of America’s democratic tradition. They promote the region as the center for the advancement of issues relating to human rights as reflected in the first American Women’s Rights Convention of 1848.

 While in New York City…

CHRIS“This summer, I interned at The Wendy Williams Show in New York City as a production assistant (PA position). A PA is the entry level position on any film or television set. As a production assistant, I did just about anything and everything. From getting coffee for the producers I worked with (including the face of the show, Wendy Williams), to making script copies to shuttling crew or equipment around the production office, the studio where we go live and tape each episode, and even doing runs around town as needed. How much I did as a production assistant honestly depended on the budget of the production as well as how much faith my superiors had in my abilities. wendyWith commitment to completing each task in a timely fashion and providing quality service as an intern, I was entrusted to do a lot in the production office and at the studio. Also, the success of the production equates to a large production budget, which allows the producers to work with a lot of material for the show meaning I was able to wet my feet in so many ways. I conducted research on all celebrity guests appearing on the show (video links, articles, social media updates), made any necessary runs to buy essential items for the production of the show, assisted with the production of the show’s most popular segments (Hot Topics, Ask Wendy, Street Talk, etc.), confirmed reservations for attending audience members for the Audience Department, Assisted with running Wendy Williams’ 50th birthday celebration, and I even assisted with a day-long filed shoot for Wendy’s monster truck segment for her birthday episode. Being a PA is a lot of tough work, but it was an extremely educational experience. What is so fascinating about the PA position is that it is a highly visible position: anyone can give you an order ranging from the producer to a sound technician. The Pas who do as they are told without any hesitation are the ones who will be remembered when superiors are looking to fill important positions in the future. Wish me luck!” -Chris Borja H’16

 While in HWS…

Sharaf)   “I have spent most of my summer interning for Geneva Business Improvement District, while at the same time working in the Bristol Field House on campus. At Geneva-BID, the first part of my internship focused on monitoring the Geneva Visitor and Events Center. This center is built to attract and guide tourists visiting the city of Geneva and the Finger Lakes region as a whole. My responsibilities included greeting and guiding tourists to the Geneva Area on things to do, places to stay and providing information about the events taking place in the city. Furthermore, I helped with the office work such as taking logs of people visiting the center. The rest of my internship was based on working directly with the administration to learn more about the functioning of Geneva-BID as an organization. In the process, I have learned about the important role of Geneva-BID in promoting economic activities in downtown and the city as a whole. While working with the administration, my responsibilities included assisting the executive director of Geneva-BID, attending board meetings, county meeting and drafting reports to secure funds for the organization. Aside from work and internship, I have taken the opportunity to enjoy and explore the beautiful Geneva in the summer.” – Sharaf Mirzayee H’15

betty1 “This summer I am doing research in the physics department for professor Leslie Hebb. For the research I am basically, writing a program using Python, a programming language, to make a graph on the radial velocity and light curve of a transiting planet to match with the theoretical velocity and light curve. The planet I am working on is HD 209458b, also known as “Osiris”, which orbits the star HD 209458. The planet makes a complete orbit around the star in about 3.5 days and this star is located in the constellation Pegasus, roughly 150 light years away. The purpose of this project is to make an analysis of the properties of the planet, such as mass, size, etc… The real challenge has been getting used to writing the program, because I have never taken any computer science courses. However, I’ve learned a lot of programming in the time that I have been here just by trying to learn on my own, and with the help of my professor. ” -Betty Vasquez WS’17


“I am splitting my time between my regular job at the admissions office and a summer volunteer internship at the Ontario County Workforce Development Dept, downtown Geneva. At the county department, I am interning under Marsha Foote the youth counsellor. We connect youth from low income households with community worksites around the county where they are able to gain work experience and work ethic skills, while earning wages paid by the county. Many of these worksites are focused on community development, which is an added advantage to our youth who also acquire stronger senses of commitment to their communities. The sites include places like the YMCA, Catholic Charities, Soup Kitchens and the Salvation Army. I hope many HWS students will consider volunteering at Workforce Development in the subsequent future. I say this because I have found such an incredible sense of fulfillment from being a part of the departments mission and working under people who are genuinely committed to the development of the youth that pass through our program. We (the youth) really are the future of the world and it is important that the world invests more in us. In the process, it will be investing in itself.” -Tammy Areola WS’15


“I am working with Michelle Martin-Baron through theFisher Center to conduct my own independent research on sex positivity. In order to create a safer sex environment on campus, I am exploring academic sources and theories as well best practices that are happening on other campuses. I am researching other colleges around this area, such as Cornell, SUNY Brockport, Ithaca College, and Wells College and their resource centers, student affairs, orientation groups, different programs, and activities surrounding sex, sex education, and sex positivity. I am interviewing faculty and students from these colleges to not only understand the culture and programs but the effectiveness of their programming as well. My goal is to combine these resources to create our own sex positive programming for Hobart and William Smith.” -Carly Petroski WS’15


“This summer I am filming episodes of the web series that I star in called “Solving HWS with Nick Stewart.” The Office of Communications approached me my sophomore year to star in a new project that the writer/director/producer Andrew Markham created and since then I have been blessed with the opportunity to do something that I have always wanted to do. Acting is hard and managing a steady filming schedule while being a student has been a challenge, but has been worth it. I am excited for everyone to see the new material that will be released this coming fall semester.” – Nicolas Stewart H’15

While in Brazil…

“During my three weeks in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I took a course on the Brazilian Economy where we studied the role of its financial system in economic development and the economic and social problems faced by Brazilians. My favorite part of the trip was going to the company visits and major financial iSima and Victoria_Brazil2nstitutions such as Petrobras, Itau, Vale, BM&F Bovespa Exchange, etc. and applying what we learned in class to real life. With World Cup taking place in Brazil this year, we were able to watch the National team play their last friendly game against Servia, we were a part of the well-known Brazilian TV show, Altas Houras, we also learned Capoeira and Samba. Through this program I became much more aware of the socioeconomic problems and how it impacted key macroeconomic variables in Brazil. I would like to thank the Intercultural Affairs Center for their continuous support and assistance. Eu amo Brasil!” -Sima Rana WS’15

While in India…

Subin Napal

“I am currently working at the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS) in New Delhi, India as a research intern. IPCS is one of the top-most think tanks in South Asia and rest of the world as well. This opportunity is rarely extended to undergraduate students (mostly other interns are either finishing up their Master’s or halfway through their PhD). So this definitely means a lot to me. I am working on projects that focus on South Asia – specifically with the Internal and Regional Security program here. I participate in conferences, write commentaries, interview ambassadors and security specialists. There is no set day for me and it is definitely an exciting opportunity. Especially because of the vast responsibilities given to me.” -Subin Nepal H’15

FIFA World Cup Games: 



 “I highly recommend the IC as a place to watch the games. It’s not just the free food that makes it awesome, but also the diverse atmosphere of soccer fans make it a fun and exciting experience!”

-Becky Chinman



 Students staying in Geneva for the summer gather in the Game Room to watch the World Cup Games.

International Market Shopping Day:

 Jericsson and MeThe Rochester markets contain a variety of food that you can learn about and try from many different cultures. We had an amazing time on this trip!”  -Dollian Garo H’15

“Excellent way of meeting other HWS students with similar interest” – Namboowa Bakiika WS’15

Students get the chance to shop at the International Market in Rochester.  

 Movie and Game Night:

Movie Night  “Its nice to meet new people through a good movie, playing games, or over food!!” -Eliss Manon WS’14

Students gather together to enjoy a movie and/or play pool inside the game room.

Seniors Say Goodbye

Here are some videos with Seniors explaining how the Intercultural Affairs Center has helped them as students and club leaders while at Hobart and William Smith Colleges,


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