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South Asian Culture ClubSouth Asian Culture Club board at the Diwali Celebration–Diwali= “Festival of Lights”

Italian Horror Film!

Professor Sebastiano Lucci and Lucia Berliner '12

Latino Film Festival

Warm Wednesdays!

Jerry Wohletz and Amy Forbes, Centennial Center for Leadership Jerry Wohletz and Amy Forbes, Centennial Center for Leadership, joined us for Warm Wednesdays with Wormley! On the menu was Chicken Noodle Soup made by our very own Miss Edith Wormley.

The Arab Spring: A View from Homs

Cross Cultural Coffee Hour with Mohammed Kadalah, SILP Instructor of Arabic October 26, 2011, Mohammed Kadalah, SILP Instructor of Arabic, leads a discussion for our Cross Cultural Coffee Hour on Syria and the revolution currently happening.

Weekend of Culture!

Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration Performer at the trip to the Memorial Art Gallery for Hispanic Heritage Month on October 2, 2011.

 On October 1st, Architecture students and Alejandra Molina, Director of Intercultural Affairs enjoyed a cold but fantastic day at the Frank Lloyd Wright Martin House Complex in Buffalo, NY.

Salsa Dance Lessons 2011

 The Latin American Organization hosts dance lessons on September 24th at Hirshon Ballroom, featuring dance instructor Sean Buck of the Rochester Ballroom.