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From The Director’s Loft

Welcome to our newly launched blog!  We invite you to check it out on a regular basis.  I would like to take this opportunity to bring you up to date on last semester’s program highlights as well as what we have in store for Spring 2012.

Last Fall, Keith Tidball, from the Department of Natural Resources at Cornell University, facilitated the forum “Recovery and Resilience in the Aftermath of Disasters.”  HWS students who had worked to help populations devastated by natural disasters were the key discussants in this timely conversation on global and national catastrophes that moved our students to action. 

Global concerns were also at the root of our Cross-Cultural Coffee Hour, which was facilitated by Mohammed Kadalah, SILP Instructor of Arabic at HWS. A native of Syria, Mr. Kadalha shared with the audience his perspective  on the “Arab Spring” as it swept through Homs, his hometown.

As a participant in our Community Conversation series, Christina Miller, of AIDS Care, discussed ways in which students can channel their passions into their career as well as take advantage of their college years to create positive change in their local communities.

Our Fireside Chat with Faculty was hosted by professor Fay Botham from the Religious Studies Department.  Professor Botham shared her thoughts and research on the significant effect of religious beliefs on legal decisions concerning miscegenation and marriage in the United States.

As we move into Spring 2012, IC will be sponsoring a visit from Padre Alejandro Solalinde Guerra from Mexico.  Founder of the Hermanos en el Camino migrant shelter in Ixtepec, Oaxaca, Father Solalinde will provide an introduction to the human rights situation confronting Central American migrants in transit through Mexico.

We will also be hosting a series on women as independent documentary filmmakers.   Mara Ahmed, a producer and editor living in Rochester, will be screening her documentary “Pakistan 101.” Shot in Lahore, Pakistan, this film is a broad survey of public opinion on contemporary issues affecting Pakistan as well as the United States. Nancy Ghertner, a local filmmaker, will screen her documentary “After I Pick the Fruit: The Lives of Migrant Women”.  During the afternoon of their visit, both filmmakers will be sharing their thoughts on their craft and motivation as independent filmmakers.  In the evening, they will be screening their films.

We will keep you posted on these and other programs we have planned for the next few months.  Have a great semester!

A. Molina