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Warm Wednesdays with Wormley

 Last Wednesday April 11, 2012, we had another Warm Wednesdays with Wormley, featuring Mac n’ Cheese on the menu and guest Marty Corbett Director of Campus Safety.

“I am very appreciative of the warm Wednesday invitation. I enjoyed meeting with the students, answering their questions and addressing their concerns. Their questions were thought provoking and demonstrated their concern about current issues on campus. I welcomed the opportunity to get to know the students and hope I was able to convey the commitment of the entire campus safety staff to furthering the educational goals of the colleges. ” – Marty Corbett, Campus Safety

The Outbound Journey

 On Thursday, April 5, 2012, Intercultural Affairs in collaboration with Global Education brought together several students who had been on a study abroad program to come and speak about their experiences. This event also included a live chat via Skype with Youdlyn Moreau ’13 who is currently in London. It was a very fruitful conversation where everyone was able to find common themes among all the trips, they were able to express frustrations and struggles they went through while abroad and were able to learn something about theirselves after much reflection.

“It was worth sharing my experience!”- Amira Abdulkadir ’14

“The study abroad discussion truly allowed me to reflect on how I have made my London experience worthwhile, and helped me to prepare for the subtle reverse culture shock that I may face while returning back to HWS.”- Youdlyn Moreau ’13

“The event was great because it allowed everyone to share their stories and find a commonality. It helped us realize that no matter where in the world we traveled to, we all struggled, we all fell in love with the country, and now we all want to go back. In other words, it helped us realized the beauty of study abroad and why it’s so important.”- Cristian Cedacero ’12

The Skype Connection: Shanelle France ’11

 On Thursday March 29, 2012, we got a chance to speak with Shanelle France ’11 all the way from Lesotho Africa about her experiences volunteering for the Peace Corps and life after HWS. Although we experienced technical difficulties, we were still able to chat with Shanelle visa-vis phone.