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Cross Cultural Conversation with Jenny Wu ’12

 On April 25, 2012, Jenny Wu ’12 dazzled many with her artwork and took everyone into an inside look into her life as an artist; she walked attendees through slides of her pieces, the inspiration behind them, the struggles and the rewards.

Taste of the World

On April 22, 2012, Residential Education, Intercultural Affairs, Cultural Clubs and Resident Assistants teamed up to create Taste of the World; this was a food centered event hosted 16 participating groups and around 130 attendees. Students were able to sample foods from different cultures and interact with their fellow peers to find out more about their backgrounds, their clubs, involvement, etc.

“It was a great event. I was surprised by the amount of people who came, but I guess food brings people together.”- Yuliana Baez ’13

The Bowl-A-Thon

 On April 21, 2012, HWS students went to the Sunset Bowling Alley and bowled for a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club of Geneva.

“The Club really appreciated all the help we got from HWS, especially the students.  It was great to see IC students there, who probably rarely bowl, come out for the community.” – Michael Bersani, Geneva Boys and Girls Club Board of Directors Chair

Fireside Chat with Vincenzo Pietropaolo!

 On Thursday April 19, 2012, Intercultural Affairs held a reception for Vincenzo Pietropaolo, a renowned photographer. He is also a key component of the “Two Cities” seminar, where he serves as a guide for HWS students who travel as a class to New York City and Toronto. During the reception Pietropaolo displayed a series of photographs of Mexican workers working at farms in Canada. He told stories of how these migrant workers only work seasonally, only to bring back things to help their families back home. He also spoke of how after a certain point these migrant workers lose their sense of home… their home is neither here nor there… they are seen as different when they return back home and they also do not completely fit in in Toronto.