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Thanksgiving Break 2012

Students who stayed on campus over break enjoyed a nice meal and movie!

” Everything was well organized.”- Dollian Garo ’15

“This is great!”- Erxin Du ’14

Fireside Chat with Sarah Berry, English Department

Sarah Berry, English Department, and her class discussed their joint research on Dr. Sarah Loguen Fraser (1850-1933), one of the first African American women to earn a medical degree, and the first woman doctor in the Dominican Republic.

“It is very important that we honor the creative and important work being done by faculty and students.”- Prof. Rodmon King, Philosophy Department

“For a first year student, this allowed me to learn about my interests in women’s study and medicine.” – Juliet Holme ’16

“It’s enjoyable and fulfilling to meet with students and faculty outside of class to discuss academic interests.” -Morgan Doyle ’14

Taste of the Caribbean at the Intercultural Affairs Center

On November 8th, the Caribbean Student Association hosted a Taste of the Islands Panel Discussion. The theme of the discussion was “Homosexuality in the Caribbean.”

The panel consisted of Darnell Pierce, Residential Education, Lisa Kaenzig, William Smith Deans, Maggie Werner, Writing and Rhetoric.  The panel concluded with an array of home cooked dishes representing different Caribbean countries.

Crepe Night at the IC

 The French and Francophone Department along with the French and Francophone Club hosted a Crepe Night at the Intercultural Affairs on November 7th. Hand made crepes on site and had an assortment of fruits and condiments to accompany them.

Trip to Harriet Tubman House

 Students in Professor Sarah Berry’s class went on a historical tour and visited the Sewardson house and the Harriet Tubman house in October 2012.