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Russian Doll Making--Masletnitza S2013

Nina Vtorushina, Fulbright Scholar in the Russian Studies Department hosted a spring celebratory event called Maslenitsa. It is celebrated during the last week before Great Lent. It symbolizes the farewell of winter and the coming of spring. In Russia, people eat pancakes and drink tea and do celebration dances as well as create these straw dolls. According to Wikipedia, in Russia as a culmination of the celebration, on Sunday evening, Lady Maslenitsa (straw doll) is stripped of her finery and put to the flames of a bonfire. Any remaining blintzes are also thrown on the fire and Lady Maslenitsa’s ashes are buried in the snow. However, little disclaimer: this part of the celebration was not done on campus.

Interview with Dr. Christopher Howard Hampden Sydney College

Chris Howard Interview with Youdlyn Moreau-S2013

Youdlyn Moreau’13 host of the Lynda Starr Show 105.7 FM, interviewed Dr. Chris Howard, President of Hampden Sydney College asking him questions about how he came to his position, his struggles and successes, his message to young people and his views on the social media movement.

To hear the interview, click on this link:

Chris Howard Interview S2013

Deborah Tall Historical Tour Spring 2013

Historical Tour Spring 2013- Angel Moroni Monument in Palmyra  Students in Fay Botham’s Senior Seminar  for American Studies class went on a trip to Palmyra to visit historical church sites as well including the Church of Latter- Day Saints.