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Trip to the Asian Market and Eastview Mall


As another opportunity for students (and a couple of recent graduates) to get off campus, the IC sponsored a trip to the Asian Market and the Eastview mall in Rochester. The idea of this trip was to give students the chance to fill their fridges with some good food and also to update their closets. At the Asian Market, students explored and got to experience a new setting of shopping. It was such a great time for the first-time experiencers.


At Eastview mall, students went on a shopping spree. They went from store to store to purchase a variety of goods that are not available in the area of Geneva. Others that wanted to just get off campus took the chance to window shop and add things to their wish-list.

“It was my first time visit to an Asia market. I was surprised to see some Arabic writing on the food products. I also got to eat some good food and  got myself some new earrings from Eastview mall.” Hammouda Daajneh ’16 

“It was such a great day with a perfect atmosphere to make the experience  a good one. Thanks to the IC for the chance.” – Kingsley Adarkwah ’13

“Lots of appreciation for the IC in organizing events that are ordinary inaccessible to most summer students. Thanks for making these free, available, and fun.” – Mekala Bertocci ’14

“It was great that this trip is provided that students on campus are able to get what they need and get out off campus!” – San-Fran Hong ’16

Ithaca Festival Summer 2013

Ithaca Festival Summer 2013 002

A couple of students and alumni Sandra Saetama ’13, Jose Lamberique ’13, and Kingsley Adarkwah ’13, that are currently working on campus for the summer, met up to attend the 2013 Ithaca Summer Festival, a trip sponsored by the IC. This served as a great chance for them to leave campus and experience something new. The Ithaca Festival was a weekend event; however, they only made it to the last two days. On the first day, students acquainted themselves with the different cultures that were present at the festival. They also explored downtown Ithaca, witnessed the magical tricks of a Magician, and observed a traditional Ghanaian dance, of which one of the dancers was a graduate from HWS.

Day two was a bit different. Students engaged in activities such as shopping, playing football, and drumming. The video below is a clip of students participating in a drum circle with other locals.

Afterwards,  Jose Lamberique ’13 and Kingsley Adarkwah ’13, along with  Aifan Morshed ’15 and international student Hammouda Daajneh ’16 (from Palestine) met up with Zoe Van Nostrand ’14, who dwells in Ithaca, for a mini tour around. These gentlemen are shown in the picture below, respectively, from left to right.

Ithaca Festival Summer 2013 004

Zoe took the gentlemen to one of the 20 different water falls in Ithaca. It was the first-time visit to a water fall for most of these gentlemen. The experience was, indeed, exciting.

“Ithaca is a town with a very different culture from Geneva, definitely worth checking out.” – Melissa Hosek ’14

“In The Commons, we experienced a great sense of community” – Nicholas Stewart ’15

“It was awesome to get off campus” – Genevieve Moralez ’15 

Memorial Day BBQ Summer 2013

Memorial Day BBQ Summer 2013 003

While the majority of Americans enjoyed their BBBQ on Memorial Day, the students that are away from their family this summer gathered to do a mini BBQ for themselves. Everyone was welcome to this BBQ. There were more than enough food for everyone. Thanks to the chefs, Soeren Wacker ’14 and Benjamin Gould ’14 for grilling the tasty hot dogs and burgers. That is not to rule out how delicious the grill chicken was. The weather being sunny and breezy made the day a beautiful and relaxing one. There was even enough leftover food for some students to take home.

“It was such a nice feeling seeing everyone come together to share the same food. The food was great!” – Kingsley Adarkwah ’13