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Upon Ramadan : Iftar Dinner

Iftar is an Arabic word that means ‘breaking  fast’ and is part of the Ramadan observation that occurs upon every sunset . Two Muslim students, Aifan Morshed ’15 and Mohammed Daajneh ’16, graciously accepted to cook traditional Arabic foods that are eaten during Iftar dinner. The event was held in the dining room of the Intercultural Affairs House and was open to anyone on campus for the summer on July 8th.

The menu included:

Maglouba (Rice and Chicken)

Vegetable Soup

Katayef (Coconut and walnut filled pastries)

This was also the first time the two Hobart students were cooking these traditional Arabic foods. Aifan and Mohammed cooked these foods with the guidance of Mohammed’s mother in the West Bank via Skype. To Mohammed’s surprise, his mother was not the only one on Skype, she was accompanied by Mohammed’s father, her nephew, and young granddaughter. Mohammed’s mother was a tremendous help and his family was certainly proud that he alongside Aifan were able to cook their traditional foods.

The gentlemen were in the kitchen for about 5- 6 hours but from the students’ response who attended the dinner and their own tasting of the food, the experience had been worth it!

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