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Before the Filming…

IC interns Xuan Chen’16, Aifan Morshed’15 and Shafiullah Shirzai’17 will be working on this year’s video recording and film editing for the various club events. They met to discuss strategies and how to edit films for this upcoming year.



Harvest of Empire: The Untold Story of Latinos in America

Last Wednesday, in collaboration with the Spanish and Hispanic Studies department and the Latin American Organization, we hosted film director Eduardo Lopez and screened his latest documentary Harvest of Empire: the Untold Story of Latinos in America. Students faculty and staff viewed the film followed by a question/answer session with the film director. The film documented the discrepancies of how Latinos are portrayed in the media and also gave a detailed narrative highlighting the history of a few Latin American countries and their reasons and struggles for getting to the United States.

“I felt it was really educational for Latinos and non-Latinos alike–it felt great to be an immigrant and makes me want to educate people even more about what it really takes to be an immigrant.”–Eliss Manon ’14

“Harvest of Empire” is an important document in the current debate about migration reform in the United States: it will help the American citizens (all of them) to know about the background story of many of their fellow Latino neighbors who live and work side by side in the same country and, at the same time, it will help to articulate the identity and history of many Latino migrants who do not know the origin, facts and causes of the violence they lived and pushed them to look for a new and safe future in another country.”–Carlos Villacorta, Assistant Professor Spanish and Hispanic Studies Department 

Let’s Go Shopping!

On Saturday, September 14, HWS students enjoyed an afternoon of shopping at the newly expanded Destiny USA mall in Syracuse NY.

“I wish we’d had more time to shop because that was a really big mall and we didn’t get a chance to see everything. Other than that we had a great time and got a lot of cool new things.” –Phoebe “Wigglesworth” Rafferty ’17

“Wow! That mall was huge! I had so much fun shopping with my friends.” –Tiantian Qin ’17

“I had a great time. When’s the next trip?”–Jiaxi Ren ’17

Conversation with Pamela Olson

012Pamela Olson, author of Fast Times in Palestine came and spoke about her journey, personal experiences interacting with people in the West Bank and how  she gained a different perspective than what US media portrays on the news.

“Cozy conversation that provided eye-opening perspective.”–Tayyab Rashid ’14

“Excellent presentation–also for budding writers.”–Dan McGowan

At the Summit!

On Saturday, September 7, the Office of Student Activities hosted their first annual Student Leader Summit on campus. As part of the summit, students attended a series of breakout sessions. Darline Polanco, Intercultural Affairs Program Coordinator, met with students who were part of the social justice and cultural clubs and discussed ways the IC could serve as a resource as well as put together the calendar of events for the Fall 2013 semester. Students found it very helpful as they were able to connect with one another about their events .

Welcoming the New School Year at the IC!

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Last Thursday, students, faculty and staff from all across campus gathered at the Intercultural Affairs Center for an Open House reception.

“The open house felt so welcoming. It was great seeing faculty, friends and new faces.” – Sima Rana ’15

“The professors and students I met were friendly. I am glad to have had an opportunity to speak with individuals who share similar interests whom i have yet to meet in my past three years.” – Genevieve Moralez ’15

“The IC Open House was a very welcoming and open environment to meet new people. It was a great mix of faculty, staff and students.” – Denise Polanco, Student Activities