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International Student Monthly Dinner-India

Every month all HWS international students and respective friends congregate at the IC for a catered dinner to bond, network and share experiences of life on campus. Shiwen “Anita” Lai ’14 is the organizer of the event, where she creates themes around the dinner. This month’s theme was India. Attendees ate food catered by Pure Grille located in downtown Geneva and participated in Henna tattoos courtesy of the South Asian Culture Club.

Skype Session with Cecilia Capers ’92

Skype with Cecilia Capers F2013Cecilia Capers ’92 skyped in last week and spoke with students Rose Cherubin and Schemeka King Ward about life after college, her journey to being a political lobbyist and a novelist. She also gave students one-on-one advice in their particular field interests. Kelly Wynn ’87 also joined in on the Skype call and spoke about his career and how he entered the world or entrepreneurship. Both speakers presented on the idea of staying connected with Hobart and William Smith Colleges and giving back to students once they become alumni.

Lunch with Reverend James Callaway

Reverend James Callaway, General Secretary of the Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion, came onto campus and met with several different groups including students and staff at the IC. He spoke about his work around the world and the idea of preserving religiously affiliated colleges and universities.

“I loved it, thank you for the opportunity.” – Katie Flowers, Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning

The Writing Table!

Writing Table with Geoffrey Babbitt F2013

Every Thursday, Geoffrey Babbitt, English and Comparative Literature Department helps students with their writing assignments whether its at the beginning stages, final stages, brainstorming or grammar checks, Professor Babbitt goes over every detail! On Tuesdays Alex Janney, Writing and Rhetoric also helps students on their writing. We encourage all students to stop by!

“I love working with students at the Writing Table. The Intercultural Affairs Center has a great atmosphere, and it’s a great asset for HWS!”- Geoffrey Babbitt, English and Comparative Literature Dept.

Trip to Memorial Art Gallery

Trip to Memorial Art Gallery Hispanic Heritage F2013

Students visited the Memorial Art Gallery for Hispanic Heritage Celebration Day. They visited exhibits, saw performances and saw artwork.

“Not only was it a real treat to go somewhere off campus, but it was a real interesting cultural experience.”- Emily Nason ’17

” The trip was amazing; there was never a dull moment while at the Gallery.”- Sarah Garcia ’17

Life at the IC: Let’s Get Together and Watch TV!

Every week, groups of students gather at the IC for a variety of reasons; some attend cultural club meetings, some attend workshops and programs, some come for food and some like to lounge around and watch tv. Two popular shows this year have been ABC’s Scandal and AMC’s The Walking Dead. On Thursday nights at 10pm, you will catch a large number of students congregating around pizza, wings and the large screen tv to watch Scandal, with Kerri Washington. On Sundays crowds gather around food to watch the hit tv show The Walking Dead. All are encouraged to drop by and watch any of these shows and meet others with similar interests!

Project Nur Eid Dinner

Project Nur celebrated Eid Mubarak last week. Eid honors the willingness of the prophet Abraham to sacrifice his young first-born son as an act of submission to Allah’s command and his son’s acceptance to being sacrificed, before Allah intervened to provide Abraham with a lamb to sacrifice instead. Attendees enjoyed delicious Turkish food and traditional dancing. We learned that during this holiday families and friends say to each other Eid Mubarak symbolizing wishing each other many blessings followed by hugs. During the dinner Zouhair Elaouni, Fulbright Scholar from Morocco, taught the audience about different idioms in Arabic and how they translated into English.