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International Students Dinner

On Sunday, the Intercultural Affairs Center hosted the first International Students Dinner with Italian food. The students met with the ISA (International Students Association) board. Here are some pictures from the event.

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Crepes and Conversation

Last Thursday, the French and Francophone Club hosted their first Crepes and Conversation. The student leaders made the crepes and students who had studied in Aix-en-Provence and in Rennes. Here are some pictures from the event,

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Havana Nights

On September 19th, LAO hosted its first event of the fall semester, Havana Nights. They turned the Barn into a underground club while dancing salsa, merengue and bachata with the help of a live band. Here are some pictures,

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People’s March

This week, students from Hobart and WIlliam Smith Colleges came to the Intercultural Affairs Center to make posters for the People’s March that they attended in New York City. Here are some pictures from their poster making workshop.

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Club Leaders Dinner

On Sunday, the Intercultural Affairs held a dinner in the Vandervort Room where they invited all student leaders to attend. At the dinner, the club leaders were discussing their programs and events for the upcoming semester. At the end of the evening, the club leaders were instructed to break up into groups and discuss ways no shed light on the ideas of Sex Positivity during meeting times, events and as a club leader. Here are some pictures:

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Writing Collegues Meeting

On Sunday, Alex Janney hosted her Writing Collegues Meeting where all the newly accepted Writing Collegues to interact and participate in team building activities. They learned how to deal with tough situations with students and professors and felt as if they had learned how to work through difficult situations.

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Trip to Eastview Mall

Last Saturday the International Student took a trip to the Eastview Mall in Rochester. There they purchased back to school items. Here is a picture of those who attended the trip: