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French and Francophone Dinner

Last Sunday, the French and Francophone Club hosted their annual dinner in the Game Room of the Intercultural Affairs Center. Here are some comments and pictures from the event,

“I am so thankful for everyone who decided to come by and support us. I am so exited to expose my culture and part of my heritage to the Colleges. Hopefully, this is only the beginning for the French and Francophone Club.” David Lahmani Hobart ’17

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College Experience Outreach Lunch


On Monday, CEO hosted their first lunch at the Intercultural Affairs. Here are some comments and pictures from the event,

Rachel Meyers: “Today’s event was very fun!”
Katie Storch: “It was a really fun way to get to know the ARC students! It was a great way to talk about our Thanksgiving traditions. I also loved the IC as a location, it was a great space.”
Ava Lillian: “It was a great way to celebrate the holidays with the CEO students before Thanksgiving!”
Maddie Dietz: “Super fun!”



After Dark Series: Harvest Celebration

After Koshare, last Friday, the Intercultural Affairs with Student Activities hosted an After Dark Series in the Conference Room. Students made dream-catchers and made popcorn and salsa. Here are some pictures from the event:

“We had a really good time, thank you!” Lisa Henigin

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The Grateful Plate

Last Sunday, Religious Life, CCESL, the Finger Lakes Institute and the Intercultural Affairs held an interfaith lunch in the Rees Lounge. Students from  different backgrounds culturally, religiously and ethnically. Here are some pictures from the event:

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Cross Cultural Coffee Hour: Study Abroad in São Paulo

Last Wednesday, the Intercultural Affairs Center hosted a discussion led by students who studied abroad in São Paulo during the summer. The students showcased their experience and what they gained from the trip. Here are some pictures:

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Students Speak!

On site at CSA’s Trip to the Tropics, we interviewed students about the event, here are their reactions:

Russian Table

Last Monday, the Russian Table met in the Game Room of the Intercultural Affairs. The faculty and students who attend play games, communicate and sometimes watch Russian TV. Here are some pictures from the event,

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