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Second Half of Winter Break

“In the 2014-2015 winter, HWS student volunteers, Chao Hu ’15, and Yan Li ’17, are helping the MLK Community Lunch Program in Geneva First United Methodist Church.”IMG_1385

Coming Back to Campus

Here are some comments and pictures of our students when they came back to campus:

I miss the IC a lot, I missed the interculturalism on campus and the close friends here. I do miss Hong Kong. But, I’m happy to graduate.” –Victoria Thomas WS’15

“It feels good to come back in an academic environment” —Jerlin Garo WS’17

“I’m so happy to be back for my last semester” –Dollian Garo H’15

“Feels great being back with family, sharing laughs” –Sima Rana WS’15

“I was more than ready to see friends and spend time speaking to people who want to have intellectual conversation.” –Genevieve Moralez WS’15

“It feels like I never left… especially when I walk into the IC. I am around the people I enjoy most doing what I love most.” –Stephanie Nieves WS’15

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Winter Break Activities

Over winter break, the international students were proposed a number of activities to choose from. Here are some comments,

“The movie pass night at the IC was a lot of fun. We got to go watch a movie and enjoy each other’s company. You really need a change of atmosphere during the break and the events that were held during this break really helped!”—Rashed AlQudah ‘15

Volunteering Over Winter Break!

Over winter break international students went to Geneva Middle School to talk about their experiences leaving their country and immigrating to the US. Here are some comments from the students. Below is the link to the article published by the Geneva High School.


Here are some pictures and comments, 

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Sharing my experiences as an immigrant to students at our local middle school was an enriching experience.  Immigration is a conversation our country will continue to have as long as it exists — kudos for Ms. Shannon Kelly for opening up the world of difference to her students!  Profesor Molina

“It was a really interesting talk as we got a lot of questions from the students in the Geneva Middle school. I was able to connect with a student in the school who is currently struggling with learning English as a second language.”—Mohammed Daajneh H’16 

“I was overjoyed to speak to the students about my families experience and involvement with immigrating. Over the years, I have really taken for granted the struggles my parents and grandparents endured in order to find opportunities they did not see back home, Nigeria. Speaking to a tentative group of students not only given me a reminder of who I am, but a reminder also of why I work so hard at the colleges. Thank you very much to the Geneva community, and special thank you to the Geneva Middle School.” —Dimitri Nwankwo H‘16

Watching the immigration presentations was an invaluable experience for our 8th graders. Not only did the stories and insight that were shared align perfectly with the topics we are discussing in our English and social studies classes, they brought these concepts to life for students. Eighth grade students at Geneva Middle School listened attentively as Ms. Alejandra Molina explained the Guatemalan tradition of the Dance of the Conquest.  Students were very excited to see the pictures, clothing and other personal items brought from the speakers’ homes.  Hearing the many languages spoken by presenters was also something that interested them. GMS students took so much more away from the presentations than the learning goals we had intended. In their reflections some discussed the ways in which speakers showed such appreciation for opportunities that they take for granted. One student commented that “if Rashed knew how I was doing in school he would probably yell at me!”  They admired the ambition of the speakers and the fact that many of those who spoke had a strong desire to give back to their home countries.  It meant a lot to them that HWS students were willing to share such personal stories. Thank you so much to those who volunteered their time to talk to our students.” – Shannon Kelley 



Winter Break at IC

It has been cold this winter break, but even so, students who remain on campus manage to come out for fun events. The winter break activities are hosted by the Offices of Residential Education, Student Activities, International Student Affairs and Intercultural Affairs.

So far, students have been bowling and have enjoyed a night of Take Out food with movies.

Stay tuned for other programs throughout the Winter Break!