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The Language Hour

In April, Clara Lowenberg spoke to the Intercultural Affairs about her program the Language Hour. This was a program with the different teaching assistants teaching their native languages. Here are some pictures and comments from the event,

” One of my presentations and both presentation of my friend’s took place there as well. Alejandra Molina, Bonné DiLeo, Darline Polanco and many other, whose names I am afraid to give with a mistake, have always given us their helping hands. So they did it when Clara Lowenberg came up with the idea of the Language and Culture Hour, which was exciting experience for my colleagues and me.” – Sergei Sokolov

My students and I had fun in each single class, and that enabled us to benefit from each other. No matter how tiring teaching to me was, seeing my lovely students improve always made me feel that I am doing a great job.” – Ahmed Mohamed El Moctar

Academically, I’ve acquired precious experience in instructing beginners, intermediate and advanced level students, managed to “run” my own classes, and established friendships with my students. What’s more, the colorful activities on- and off-campus have opened a new gate for me, making me think more about the differences between American and Chinese education systems.” – Yao Li

Moreover, teaching at HWS and living in Geneva has turned out to be the opposite of my initial fears: there are always talks, discussions, performances, cultural events…that you actually struggle to choose what to attend! The image of HWS I will keep with me forever is that of extremely friendly, talented, open-minded, and ambitious students and staff learning from each other in a particularly beautiful town.” – Kelly Adriamasindray

“I really enjoyed the intimate number of people per table, food wsa great, and found it very informational.” – Christopher Bell ’18


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Buddhist Meditation

Every Monday, at 6:30pm the Intercultural Affairs Center hosts Buddhist Meditation in the second floor in the Conference Room. HWS and Geneva community members come together for one hour of meditation. Here are some comments and pictures of the event:

The main goal of holding meditation in Intercultural house on Mondays is to introduce or remind students to realize material oriented brain education alone is not enough to produce happy individuals and world peace so it is extremely  important  and necessary to Educate our heart to become a warm loving hearted person  through the education of Compassion and Ethical principles without touching any religious ideology as well. Thank you.“- Tenzin

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Black Lives Matter

In response to the Baltimore riots, the HWS community has come together to protest the inequality that exist in the United States. Here are a collage of posters that students made for the protest,

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Last Goodbyes

Last Tuesday, the students were given the opportunity to say goodbye to Jessie Marullo-Stamp (Student Activities), Chad Freeman (Residential Education) and Darnell Pierce (Residential Education). They have contributed tons of energy, enthusiasm and creativity to the Colleges– we are sad to see them go!

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Ending One Chapter and Starting A New One

Last week, several Seniors who are part of the IC and HEOP family picked up their cap, gowns, and stoles, and gathered at the Intercultural Affairs Center to take some pre-commencement class photos. It was a bitter-sweet moment of what was about to come in a few weeks!

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Posting Love from Abroad

Throughout the years students have been sending the Intercultural Affairs postcards of their vacations, their study abroad experiences and others. Here is the first installment with the pictures below,

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