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German Film: “Fack ju Göhte”

On October 14th, the German Club hosted a movie screening of the movie “Fack ju Göhte” a comedy. This comedy is about a criminal coming out of prison and when he comes out of prison he is looking for the money that he buried in a construction site. The site has now been built and he must become a substitute teacher in order to retrieve the money. All of the students enjoyed the movie and were laughing during the entire of the movie.

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Sunday Night Football

Last Sunday, the IC hosted weekly Sunday Night Football.  The students gather together in the Game Room with the assistance of wings and pizza. During the commercial breaks, you can catch students playing pool, praying that their team will get the winning touchdown. Between the fun and cheering, all students enjoy the time that they spend together. At the IC, we are trying to bridge cultures and that works wonders thanks to the domain of sports.

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The Comment Corner: LAO’s Heritage Dinner

After the Latin American Organization’s Heritage Dinner, we had the chance to interview some of the attendees to get some of their post-event reactions. Here are some of their responses:








LAO’s Heritage Dinner

On October 17th, the Latin American Organization (LAO) hosted their annual Heritage Dinner in the Vandervort Room. The theme of the night was the Performing Arts. From dancing, to singing and poetry, the organization gave their guests a little sampling of all which is Latin American performance art. All of the attendees thoroughly enjoyed their experience. This is what one student had to say, “Keep working as hard as you do to make this event a reality. To ask anymore than that would be unreasonable of me. This was a wonderful experience. Thank you, sincerely.” 

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Fall Break

During Fall break, the office of Intercultural Affairs hosted different programs for the students that decided to stay on campus during the break. There were events for all the days of the break. The first event held was on Saturday October 10th called Take Out to Dine In. The students came to the Intercultural Affairs Center in order to dine on some Chinese food from Main Moon. Justin Partyka H’16 was very appreciative and stated his thanks, “Thank you for providing a sense of community 0ver this fall break.” Many students were very thankful to the office of Intercultural Affairs for providing them with fresh food. This is what Nhung Nguyen said “I’m glad that the IC is able to provide an entire of community to students who couldn’t go home to their families.” The next event that was held on Sunday the 11th at the Intercultural Affairs Center was Sunday Football Night. All the students were cheering and eating wings and pizza–everyone had a great time. The final event were movie passes at the Geneva Movieplex. Now, back to work!

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Highschool Reunion

On September 24th, the office of Intercultural Affairs hosted students from A. Phillip Randolph High School in Harlem, NY. Some of our current HWS students that frequent the Intercultural Affairs Center have come from Randolph. This is what Neill Jaico H’15 and Benny Calderon H’15 had to say, “It’s always exciting and rewarding whenever my own high school or high school students in general come to campus and I have the opportunity to get involved with them. It’s exciting because I want to impact these young adults in the best manner possible. Answering their questions about college, university, or higher education is rewarding because I get to see the enthusiasm and their thrive to attend an institution that they can call home just as I have. – Neill. It was great showing the Randolph students around and getting to see my mentor again Mr. Thompson. I was excited to hear of them coming for a short visit from Neill. I recognize the magnitude of the decisions and simply of moment for these students. I enjoy being able to be even a brief ally in these times for them. I have a deep connection with A Philip Randolph High School and have to say its especially rewarding to share with its students tips, experiences, obstacles, as well as, helping pump them up for whats to come. It’s great to know Mr. Thompson is still working hard changing lives for the better!” – Benny.

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The Writing Table

Every Tuesday and Wednesday, the office of Intercultural Affairs hosted The Writing Table, where students take their essay or writing assignments and they can get them edited by Writing and Rhetoric professors. There aren’t any appointments necessary and the professor are able to work with multiple students at once. Here is a picture of The Writing Table in action! See you soon,