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Big Sister / Big Brother Thanksgiving

On Saturday November 21st, the Intercultural Affairs in association with the Boys and Girls Club in Geneva held a Thanksgiving dinner for some of the kids that students from the Colleges has been working with throughout the semester. On the chalkboard the kids wrote what they were thankful for during this Thanksgiving season. The kids and students enjoyed their afternoon by playing games and participating in learning activities.

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Conversation with alum Dr. Fay Butler ’84


On Monday November 16th, the Intercultural Affairs Center hosted a conversation with Dr. Fay Butler as part of the Alumni Connection series. Dr. Fay Butler is the senior director of enrollment management at LaGuardia Community College, a social media strategist, an author and a pastor. She spoke about the experiences that she had as a student at William Smith College. She also talked about the power of social media in representing racial injustices on campuses that wasn’t expressed when she was a student. Ms Edith Wormley, the Associate Director of Academic Opportunity Programs facilitated the conversation and had this to say, “I was very inspired by the work that Kendall Walton Farrell WS’92, Fay Butler WS’84 and Kathy Regan WS’82  have done throughout the years.  It gives us all great satisfaction to witness alums return and continue to help our current students in their educational pursuits.



On November 13th, over 100 students came together at a student led protest at the Scandling Steps that had a few main goals. The goals were to stand in solidarity with Missou, address the controversies over Yik Yak on campus, and to represent marginalized groups on campus.

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WalkOut-TheUnheard F2015

Arab Film Festival @ IC

For the following weeks the Intercultural Affairs Center will be hosting an Arab Film Festival. Hiba Amro the Arabic FLTA at HWS this semester. These movies will be screened in the Game Room of the Intercultural Affairs Center and each time there is Middle Eastern food catered for the students that attend. This is what Hiba had to say about the screenings,  “With culture being inseparable from language on the one hand, and narrative being central to both on the other, movies play a significant role in the learning experience of a language student. Providing a context for the cultural issues and messages they deal with and simulating real-life lived experiences, movies increase students’ awareness of stereotypes and promote a better understing of difference. Watching “Wadjda” for example, students developed an awareness about the cultural significance of Hijab as opposed to Islamic teachings. Having watched “Captin Abu Raed” before “Wadjda”, they were also able to compare gender roles and women’s issues in Saudi Arabia and Jordan.


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Focus Group for New TWIP

On November 12th, Cathy Williams from the Office of Communications came to the Intercultural Affairs Center to have a focus group with a few students to gain some insight in the redesigning of  TWIP (This Week in Photos) that Communications publishes on the HWS website.

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Video Game Night

On Friday November 13th, the Intercultural Affairs Center hosted a Video Game Night for students to unwind. For some students it is the opportunity to release a lot of stress that has accumulated throughout the week.


Conversation with Campus Safety

On November 11th, the Intercultural Affairs Center hosted a meeting between the head of Campus Safety and students to facilitate their relations. It was just to improve relations in order for both groups and interactions that have occurred between them on campus.