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Peggy McIntosh Events

Noted scholar, feminist and anti-racism activist Peggy McIntosh visited our campus this week and spoke with students about the campus climate at HWS and delivered the 2016 MLK Jr. Keynote Address on Wednesday in the Vandervort Room.

“I was glad I had the opportunity to talk with her instead of just going to her lecture.” -Julia Aagesen ’19

“Peggy answered questions with great explanations.” -Neill Jaico ’16

“I saw highlights from ‘We The Unheard.” Learned of ways to get those ignorant of the issues involved/interested.” -Benny Calderon ’16

Life in the Intercultural Affairs House

Neill Jaico’ 16, Victoria Thomas ’16 and Benny Calderon ’16 caught up with some school work this past Saturday at the Intercultural Affairs House while enjoying each other’s company.IMG_0002

IC Student Workers: Early Start~

On Sunday January 17th, Darline Polanco Wattles ’09, Assistant Director, led the orientation for the student workers of the Intercultural Affairs House. They were getting back to the swing of things by reviewing the expectations and responsibilities of their job as student workers through a series of jeopardy questions.


Winter Break Activity: Pizza & Movie Passes!

The students who had an early arrival at the colleges enjoyed a day of community building and interaction with others. Vernon Lawson ’16 helped coordinate a pizza and movie night at the Intercultural Affairs House. The students also enjoyed a round of pool game.

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“It was a great way to get the semester started with a good group of people”-Brianna Moore ’18

“Helps bring the community together.” -Randy Palacios ’16

“It was great to spend time with all the others over pizza, drinks and playing pool!”-Yvonne Brieger 

Winter Break at the IC 2016- Bowling!

Students at HWS over winter break continue to enjoy the last moments of winter break with a trip to the Sunset Bowling Alley. Sponsored by the Office of Intercultural Affairs, Student Activities and Residential Education, these trips provide students with an opportunity to build community with other students who stayed on campus over the break as well. Most of all, it offers students something to do in a relaxed atmosphere.

“Thank you for thinking about us while we are on campus when others aren’t.”– Christopher Holoman ’16

“Great bonding time for teams back early for training!”–Terrance Rose ’18

“It was a great time with friendly HWS students I would have never met.”–Jack Shannon ’18

Winter Break at the IC–Fun Activities!

While the Colleges are closed, students who remain on campus still have opportunities for building community and interactions with others. Over the holidays, Mohammed Daajneh’16 and Vernon Lawson’16 coordinated a pizza and movie night as well as a dinner outing to Molcajetes, the fairly new Mexican restaurant in Geneva. But, the break isn’t over yet! More fun activities to come in the next week!

“It’s nice to come together like this when you’re too far from family. It’s like a second home.” — Mohammed Daajneh ’16

Winter Break at the IC- Vernon Lawson

DSCN0558 This Winter break Vernon Lawson ’16 has been interning at the Intercultural Affairs Center. Here are some of his reflections thus far:

“Working during the break has been a relaxing time. A change to give back to the colleges and the community in ways I didn’t know were possible. While working from the Intercultural Affairs house I was able to collect and pass out bins associated with CCESL and HWS Peace Action’s Syrian refugee donations.  I have also helped rearrange and organize many of the cultural and sport team posters part of the IC’s archiving system. Helping those organizations get to their posters easily. The Intercultural Affairs house has also helped associate me with the Goodman’s Street Boys and Girls club. There I help clear out old barns in the back of the center, get all of the potential useful stuff out and now the Goodman center has open space for storage and new materials. Since I was working, I was able to give the cleaning staff days off to enjoy the holiday and be with their families. Ultimately working for the IC during the break was a big giving back to the community and colleges that with other jobs I probably wouldn’t of had the opportunity to do. Especially when I was able to coordinate the IC events like movie tickets and pizza nights, I was able to bring the little bit of people who were still on campus together and give them a sense of home, even away from home.”–Vernon Lawson ’16