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Taste of The World: Celebrating Culture Through Food and Drink

Taste of the World was held in the barn , which was the fruit of a collaboration among HWS cultural and social justice clubs, the Office Residential Education, the intercultural Affairs House and HWS staff to show the relationship between food and culture to the HWS community. Students had the chance to get a sampling of culture through food and drink.

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“Satisfied and culturally conscious” – Yessica Bello WS’ 18

“Successful event!” – Divine Wing WS ’18

“Very cultured experience. The food was great, loved it” – Jackie Matos WS ’19

“Sensational, yummy, and beautiful” – Shaahida Samuel WS ’19

“I felt like I was back at home” – Stacy Maceda WS’19



Our Students and the Networking World

Aleem Mohammad H’19  traveled to The Project Nur Annual Conference in Washington DC and remarked that “The Project Nur Annual Conference was an amazing experience. The conference really changed my perspective on how people everywhere around the United States, Muslims and Non-Muslims, are constantly fighting the political stereotypes that target Muslims.”_DSC2815.JPG

Fulbright Farewell and Language Hour

On Wednesday April 27, students and faculty gathered to say goodbye to our four amazing Fulbright Teaching Assistants we have has at HWS this semester. These Fulbrights, Hiba Amro, from Jordan, Lin-Yu Chen from Taiwan, Yvonne Brieger from Germany and Mathias Valiente from France have worked all semester to put on programming for students and staff to show their home country’s culture and traditions. They discussed their work since being at HWS and even had the opportunity to congratulate HWS’s newest Fulbright Recipient Charles DeBenedetto ’16 who will be teaching English in Taiwan next year as part of the program. The Fulbright Program was started in 1946 by Senator J. William Fulbright for “promotion of international good will through the exchange of students in the fields of education, culture, and science.”


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What Happens When It Happens Again

The German Club met  in the Conference Room of the Intercultural Affairs House to lead a conversation of Media and Literature in Germany’s Past and Current Events Media and Literature in Germany’s Past and Current Events.

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Speaking Images

The Tiananmen Square Incident happened more than a quarter-century ago and is ancient history, if it’s known at all, for many of today’s students. Yet such incidents, where people’s expression of legitimate demands culminates in state use of military violence to suppress protestors, happen today as well, even in western democracies. It is of utmost importance, therefore, that young people be aware of such threats to democracy, and where better to raise such awareness than on a liberal arts campus that espouses critical thinking and community engagement.”  Darrin McGee, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies 

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Germany’s Education System

“Last Thursday, I gave a talk about the German educational system. I was motivated to talk with students about this subject matter after a conversation I had with a student on campus. According to the student, the German educational system is very “weird”. That is when I started asking myself: Is that true? Why is the German educational system regarded as too confusing? The talk covered, amongst others, this question. And, indeed, the German educational system is very complex and differs a lot from the American one. Education, in general, is the task of the different states within Germany. This means that the educational system and the educational institutions might differ inherently from state to state and place to place. Overall, however, there are 5 different stages with different educational institutions: pre-school level, elementary school level, secondary level 1, secondary level 2, and tertiary level. Through all this „chaos“ in regards to terminology and structure, however, you can say that the one thing that remains constant is that the educational system is always in flux: school institutions are changed, modified, and new modes of instruction implemented.” Yvonne Brieger, Foreign Language Teaching Assistant

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Cultural Clubs Celebrate! Hip~NotiQs Take The Stage

The award-winning student group, Hip~NotiQs Step and Dance Team, hosted their second annual step show, Take the Stage, on April 16th. This year they invited the HWS Hip Hop dance crew, Executives, the newly formed Geneva High School team, Black Illuminators, the Players Club from the Bronx, NY, and The Crusaders Marching Unit from Buffalo, NY to take the stage and perform for the campus community. This year’s theme was “Stomp the Yard,” that also included a competition among some of the performers.

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