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Summer Academy Lunch Program

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The lunch program for the students participating in the Summer Academy took place at the Intercultural Affairs Office (IC) on Friday, July 1st. It was organized by Lesly Rivero ‘17 and her co-worker Shayne Feinberg. The students were greeted by a variety of food as they made their way to the game room, one of the common rooms within the IC. After the students have had their fill, the environment became an open-discussion with the floor available to all. Students Lesly Rivero ’17 and Neill Jaico ’15 shared personal stories, as well as advice, for the high school students – with Shayne chiming in every now and then to add emphasis in certain comments regarding topics such as: cooperation with the guidance counselor, common app, Higher Education Opportunity Program/Educational Opportunity Program (HEOP/EOP), financial aid, interview dos and don’ts, etc… With Lesly, Neill, and Shayne speaking on their experiences and topics that are typical to encounter within an institution for higher learning, the high school students were given the chance to propose questions. After a successful and productive lunch program, the lunch came to an end as the students made their way to their next activity: essay workshop.

Summer Academy Students Lunch Program

Jamel Jackson, Geneva High School Senior

“The program has helped me see college in a different light and it helped me to see that there are different routes, but still successful in the end.”

Kiara Pabon, Geneva High School Senior

“It actually opened my door to a lot of opportunities. Even with the common app, it fits my needs. And then hearing people talking about it is beneficial as well. The program has the ability to open doors.”

Anilette Mantes, Geneva High School Senior

“It helped me. Period. I didn’t know if I wanted to go to a college, university, or a community. Hearing about the different scholarships/programs gave me a new perspective to follow as I apply to the next step after high school.”

Lesly Rivero, HWS Student Worker

“This lunch program was beneficial in order for our students to see the different contexts that college students live in. It helps them realize that the stories we tell them are true and reinforces the idea that anyone can make it in the world.”




IC’s Independence BBQ

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We were lucky enough to have an event hosted by the IC for Independence Day! Students hosted a BBQ at Odells Village where everyone was invited, and everyone showed up! We had music playing, dogs roughing around, and plenty of burgers and hot dogs to eat. People drove from all over campus, as well as outside of campus, to share some time together while also being fed. I cannot stress how valuable the IC has proven to be, and its potential for bringing students together. Big ups!

“I loved celebrating the holiday with new people!” Mimi Sakarett WS ’15

“The event was a great success!” Cody Rivera H’16