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Breaks at HWS

HWS students are always anticipating breaks so they can have opportunities to relax and refresh themselves before classes start again. Over the last couple of years, the offices of Intercultural Affairs, International Affairs, Residential Education, and Student Actvities have teamed up to provide students who are unable to go home with opportunities for rest and recreation while on campus.

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During the Thanksgiving break, students shared in a Thanksgiving dinner, were able to play pool, had a movie night out, and game night at the Intercultural Affairs Center.

“It’s nice to have a meal with others during the holidays.”–Nhung Nguyen WS’19

“Makes me feel more belonged”–William Ortlieb H’19

“Made some new friends, nice place to do homework.”–Jessica Hamek WS’20




On December 23 students gathered for Pizza and received movie passes to together go watch the movie of their choosing. Later on the 30th students gathered for a “Take Out to Eat In” event in which they ordered take out food to hangout and talk at the IC. Every winter break the IC comes through for a place to gather and feel at home.

“I had a great time chatting with some students and exchanging stories about different foreign school systems and our own experiences.” –Friederike Jandewerth 

“Experiences like these make me feel more at home” –Khanh Le WS’20

“Thank you” — Ashley Riuerh, Guest

Saturday, December 24, the IC hosted students for a Pizza and Sushi Welcome Dinner, where they ate good food and celebrated the beginning of the semester.

“Students that stayed on campus for winter break had the opportunity to use IC as a place to get together and celebrate the holidays as a group. By doing so, the programs not only provided fun activities for students, but also helped build lifelong relationships with their peers.” –Shafiullah Shirzai H’17

Coming Home: Alums from Class of 2016

This semester we had several alums come and visit the IC! It’s wonderful to see where they are since college and the things that they are doing! And, of course, we always love hearing their stories:

 Dayana Mendoza, William Smith Class 2016

Rashed Al-Qudah, Hobart Class of 2016

Aifan Morshed, Hobart Class of 2016

Rayan Khan, Hobart Class of 2016

Continuing Success

img_0119Mentorship for some of our students who arrive at HWS through access programs such as HEOP stems from before they even arrive on campus. Stacy Maceda’ 19 was part of the Early Awareness and College Readiness program at the Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics High School. One of her mentors, Alex Rubinstein, manager of the program came to visit to see how things have been going for Stacy so far.

“It was so wonderful to visit HWS and especially to visit with Stacy, a student of mine from high school. We got to see all the ways in which she has grown into a mature and thoughtful young woman.” –Alex Rubinstein

Programs such as these not only make sure their students get into a college, but follow them throughout their college career to ensure successful completion.

“I am excited to connect with people from back home who helped me get to HWS. They were the best at pushing me to reach my full potential.” –Stacy Maceda WS’19

Career Chat with Brandi Ferrara

Brandi Ferrara, Director of the Salisbury Center for Career, Professional, and Experiential Education was at the IC doing ‘drop-in’ hours with students who had questions on jobs, internships, graduate school, or an array of career advice. Clifford Chan, joined the conversation, as he wanted to touch base with Brandi about possible collaborations on programs on international employment opportunities for HWS students.

Language Teaching Assistants!

img_0338This academic year 2016-2017, we have welcomed two Fulbright Language Teaching Assistants and a German Language Teaching Assistant to HWS: Malik Al-Masoodi (Arabic Language), Friederike Jandewerth (German Language), and Roxana Nabati (French Language). Each has been an active part of the HWS community by hosting cultural presentations that help increase awareness of different countries’ food, culture, language, and customs. A couple of highlights this semester have been:

Earlier in November, there was an Arabic Cooking Class and Conversation with Malik Al-Masoodi, where students learned how to make Arabic dishes while practicing how to speak in Arabic. Roxana hosted several French language tables at the Cellar Pub, and there was also a presentation on the Gilman International Scholarship and its connection to the Fulbright student program by Roxana and Malik. The Gilman Scholarship Program is an undergraduate grant program for U.S. citizens of limited financial means to enable them to study abroad, thereby internationalizing their outlook and better preparing them to thrive in the global economy.img_0003

Lastly, Friederike Jandewerth hosted several presentations on German University life, and a German cookie program. We look forward to many other programs they will host next semester!

Collaborations with the Abbe Center

img_0150Julianne Miller, Alejandra Molina, and Darline Polanco-Wattles met to discuss the Abbe Center for Jewish Life’s plan to bring the Black-Jew Dialogues to campus in early February – just in time for Black History Month!  The Black-Jew Dialogues, created by the organization “Dialogues on Diversity,” is a comedy show that uses the power of theater (and laughter) to explore important social justice issues and bring understanding across difference.

“We are so excited to work together to bring this exciting program to students at HWS and to continue our partnership to promote justice and equality on our campus.”  –Julianne Miller, Director of Abbe Center for Jewish Life

Alums in the Health Field

guanqun-li-1Earlier this fall, Guanqun Li ’14 returned to HWS to present to pre-med interested students on his experiences with the sciences here at HWS and his current experience at SUNY Upstate Medical:

“I decided to come back to HWS and give a talk on pre-med this fall. Over the past 2 years, I have been missing this place, and more importantly, the people.  I always want to come back to visit. But since I was busy with first two years of medical school and step 1 exam, i did not get a chance. This year, we had a labor day long weekend at Upstate Med, so I felt this is the perfect timing for visiting. Moreover, at this moment, the best way I can give back to HWS is to spread my knowledge and insights. Since i went through the pre-med route, I can give a presentation on how to get into medical school and also what to expect in medical school.”–Guanqun Li H’14 

For more information on Guanqun Li’s journey through HWS and medical school, check out his story on the Alum Corner!