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Literacy Volunteers Visit IC

Students attending English as a Second Language Training with Donna Cotter, Program Coordinator for Literacy Volunteers of Yates and Ontario Counties, visited the IC this past Thursday.

Donna Cotter explains the program, noting, “Literacy Volunteers matches trained volunteer tutors with learners who are improving speaking, reading, writing and math. We are trilled to partner with HWS as we work to improve the lives of others.”

It’s an opportunity for me to put to good use the privilege to read and write in order to improve the lives of others. Yesica Bello WS’18

Alums: Coming Home

Justus Bey H’91 attended last month’s Multicultural Career and Networking Conference and returned to campus again to meet with students at Intercultural Affairs. Mr. Bey and the group of students discussed work opportunities, the importance of connecting with alums, and asked for advice about the career search after graduation. The IC is incredibly grateful to Mr. Bey for returning to campus and giving generously of his time and expertise to our students!

Justus Bey H’91 approached me during this year’s Multicultural Career and Networking Conference. He has returned to campus twice to advise me and other Hobart students. In our sessions, he has asked us to look into our futures and envision where we wish to be in 1, 3 and 5 years from today, which makes us start planning ahead and trying to figure out how we will achieve our goals. As Justus always says, “failing to plan means planning to fail.” I will forever be grateful for Mr. Bey’s intentions and wisdom. German Veras H’17

Life at IC

Darline Polanco, Assistant Director of the IC, meets with IC Computer Lab workers to check in with everyone and discuss schedules and updates. There are various jobs available at the IC, and the office loves their student workers. Many students intern at the Intercultural Affairs office working various jobs from communications to career research to blogging.

If you’re interested in a position, check out HWS’ constant listing of Student Positions to see if anything is available!

Youth in Progress

Cody Rivera H’17 coordinated a campus visit with the Youth in Progress organization, a program for foster youth. Rivera led the students around HWS to give them a tour of campus, and introduced the group to representatives of the Intercultural Affairs office, Centennial Center for Leadership, Career Services and Academic Opportunities. All offices welcomed them and shared with them the work they do and the importance of college and education.

If I can give a college tour to every foster youth in New York State, than I will. If I can encourage and empower every foster youth in NYS that college is a possibility, than I will. I will continue reaching out to foster youth and continue bringing foster youth to HWS, so that they know college is a possibility. Cody Rivera H’17

For more information about Youth in Progress, check out their website.

Campus Sanctuary Movement in Geneva

HWS students and faculty have teamed up with members of the Geneva community to discuss the Campus Sanctuary Movement. At the previous meeting, several ideas for an Action Plan were discussed, such as creating a fact sheet for allies, including Od-Eds in newspapers, seeking bilingual volunteers for safety training events and developing worship collaboration. Serval ideas were addressed, including finding ways to notify the public about raids such as the newspaper or radio, possible transportation for events, and building trust across communities.

These ideas were further discussed at the most recent meeting and the Finger Lakes Sanctuary Network barnstormed needs and opportunities, and additional information needed to procure before moving forward. People broke off into subgroups to concentrate on community outreach, emergency response, educational campaign and partnership with other agencies in the area.

The meetings are held at Trinity Church every other Monday night at 7pm. The next upcoming meeting will be on Monday, April 3. If you are interested in helping with this cause, please stop by!

The Writing Table


Raven Yujun Jiang WS’18 meets with Professor Babbitt

raven yujun jiang

Students visited the IC to attend Professor Babbitt’s Writing Table. Professor Babbitt works in the Writing and Rhetoric department and often hosts events such as The Writing Table. This provides students with the opportunity to seek writing advice during any stage of the writing process.

The Writing Table with Professor Babbitt will resume during Reading Days and Finals, so look out for exact dates and times in our Upcoming Events section! In the meantime, the Writing Colleagues and the Center for Teaching and Learning are always resources available on campus to provide you with any help you might need.

Students Go to Model African Union Conference in Washington, DC

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HWS students traveled to Washington, DC to participate in the Model African Union Conference. The Model African Union is an opportunity for students to study about Africa, learn about the current issues, and assume the role of delegates responsible for debating and resolving those issues of African and global significance. ON the day of the conference, students role-play delegates to the African Union and simulated AU committees operating within the framework of the African Union.

“The trip gave us the opportunity to interact with other students throughout the world who, despite all our differences, we all have a vested interest in learning more about Africa and working hard to create solutions to the many issues that the continent faces.” Oluwaseun Adetola ‘17, President of Sankofa: Black Student Union

“The Model African Union club is the most meaningful thing I have done on this campus. The Model is a great opportunity for students to comprehensively learn more about African and International politics and engage with top students from across the world. The formation of the club is a testament to the resources the colleges provides students to realize their goals. It was definitely difficult and taxing but it was a great sensation to see the hard work payoff in DC, as everyone had a great time and one of our delegates, Chalwyn Caulker, won an award. The ten students that attended were dedicated and ready to make the most of the trip. Attending a model is rewarding, educational, and fun. I hope every student considers joining the Model African Union club during their time at HWS.” Donovan Hayden H’19