"Home Away from Home"

Summer Academy High School Students Visit The IC

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A number of Geneva High School students participate yearly in HWS’ Summer Academy which gives students the opportunity to engage in college preparatory activities and academic instruction for two weeks. These are high school juniors and seniors looking to prepare for their post-secondary education and for many this is the first time they have an opportunity to work academically in a college setting. The students visited the IC to learn about HEOP programs in general and hear about college life from Benny Calderon H’17 as they ate lunch. The talk went for about 45 minutes and included a number of questions from the students. Mr. Burruto of the HEOP office also stopped by and delivered very useful information and tips towards the application process. We hope to continue to be a place for students to learn more about post-secondary education.

“It is truly a pleasure to be able to speak with high school juniors and seniors about such an important stepping stone in their life. I am pushed to always give back what I received from so many mentors, family, and friends. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to speak to students about such an important access to college such as HEOP/EOP/AOP.” – Benny Calderon H’17.

“The HWS Summer Academy had the opportunity to sit down with Benny Calderon, H ’17, for lunch to discuss the application process and the HEOP program. The students absorbed a lot of information and were also inspired by Benny’s own path, we left both charged and determined.” – Rebecca Czajkowski WS’18

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