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Bavarian Dish Making Program

The German 201 students met with Anna Meining, Julis G. Blocker ’53 Teaching Fellow of German Area Studies, to learn how to make Obatzter, dipping sauce for pretzels, in the IC kitchen and share some information about the German culture.


Prospective HWS Students Visit Campus

Prospective students visited the HWS campus with their CitySquash counselor, Alexandra Boillot. HWS students gave them a tour around campus and helped answer any questions the group had about academics, social life, and extracurriculars offered. HWS is always willing to show off our campus and extend our sense of community with others.

Alexandra Boillot works with CitySquash, a not-for-profit after-school enrichment program based in the Bronx at Fordham University and in Brooklyn at Poly Prep Country Day School. This organization helps motivated and talented young people from economically disadvantaged households fulfill their academic, athletic and personal potential. For additional information regarding CitySquash, check out their website.

Alexandra Buillot (CitySquash), Jocelyn McKenzie WS’18, Karina Lazaro WS’20, and prospective students

HWS has been such a welcoming community to our students, and especially the HEOP Program. We are thrilled to visit with prospective students and see our team members thriving on campus. Alexandra Buillot, CitySquash

Fireside Chat with Dean Mansfield-Richardson

Wednesday, October 18, Dean Virginia Mansfield-Richardson hosted a Fireside Chat at the IC entitled, “Enduring Racism in the Mass Media: The Asian American Case.” Before coming to the Colleges, Dean Mansfield-Richardson was Associate Dean at Ithaca Colleges’ Park School of Communications for 16 years. She was also an Associate Professor of Communications at Pennsylvania State University, and has taught at Ohio University, American University, and two community colleges. Dean Mansfield-Richardson also had an award-winning career as a staff writer for The Washington Post for 12 years. In addition to her impressive resume, she has an incredible amount of knowledge on the misrepresentation of Asian-Americans in mass media, whether this be in film, television or advertising. On Oct. 18, Dean Mansfield-Richardson took the opportunity to share her research and knowledge regarding this, and open the conversation up to other students.

Trip to Memorial Art Gallery

On Sunday, October 8, the IC took a group of students to the Hispanic/Latin Heritage Celebration at the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery. This day was filled with international displays and performances, musical presentations, art activities, storytelling, and history presentations.

This event was one of many to celebrate Hispanic and Latino Heritage Month between the dates of Sept. 15 and Oct. 15, when people recognize the contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the group’s heritage and culture.


Pool Tournament

Hamda Ahmed H’20, Residential Assistant of Hale Hall, organized a pool tournament at IC. HWS students used this as an opportunity to take a break from midterm studying and assignments, and relax and spend time with friends. Different events like these are perfect to build community, meet others and hang out with your close friends.

IC’s game room is a spot on campus loved by students for its casual and comfortable atmosphere. The IC is currently planning on expanding the space and improve it as part of their renovation project!

German Presentation

On Oct. 4, Anna Meinig presented on the German Federal Election at the IC. This presentation looked at the election process, the candidates and their campaigns and the results and consequences. HWS and the IC believe there is an importance in understanding other countries’ electoral processes. Students should get acquainted with the international graduate students such as the Julius G Blocker Teaching Fellows and Fulbright Teaching Fellows to further learn about other countries and their cultures.

Anna Meinig studied German as a Foreign Language/ German as a Second Language at the Herder-Institute at the University of Leipzig. She received her Master of Education at Carthage College, where she taught German for two years. She is currently the German Blocker Teaching Fellow at HWS.

Being at HWS and giving this presentation is a great opportunity for me to introduce the students to the political system in Germany and the political situation in Europe. I am grateful that I got to explain the election process and got to ansser questions abut political trends in my home country. Anna Meining, Julius G. Blocker ’53 Teaching Fellow German Area Studies

Intergroup Dialogue Initiative Meeting

The Intergroup Dialogue Initiative (IGD) recently met at the IC to discuss their goals to engage HWS students in discussions about identity, power, and privilege and help develop them into empathic and culturally aware individuals. Representatives from different departments and offices on campus came together to form this group, in the hopes of encouraging and guiding all students to become more aware.