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Life at IC

Students spent time together at IC over Thanksgiving break relaxing, playing pool, hanging with friends and catching up. The IC is always open for all HWS students to hang out or do homework. Stop by and grab a warm drink and destress!

Grace Church Youth Group Campus Visit

On Friday, November 17, a group of high school students from Grace Episcopal Church came to do an overnight visit on campus. This was coordinated by Dean Montrose Streeter and his college roommate. The students visited classes, went to an Admissions information session, had a campus tour, were paired with HWS students and were taken to see Koshare. Overall the students had a great experience visiting the Colleges.

“The students really grasped the essence of college life by staying with their hosts  and also by attending the Koshare event.  Each one of them express astonishment that the college would allow students to express themselves in this art form using music most adults would ask them the turn off.  All in all, this college experience was priceless for my students and I am so grateful that […] the college worked so hard to create an environment where students from the roughest part of Philadelphia could feel at ease and welcome.”Lawrence Spears, Grace Episcopal Church

Conversation on Technos International Week

This past June 2017, Professor Alejandra Molina, Director of Intercultural Affairs, and two HWS students, Adrian Shin H’20 and Stephanie Pichardo WS’20 attended the Technos International Week in Japan. On Nov. 16, the three finally had the opportunity to present their work, “Identity Matters: Our Experiences at Technos” and reflect on their experiences in Japan.

HWS has the opportunity to attend Technos Week through their relationship with the Tanaka family, a friendship that began in the 1980s. In 1992, the Colleges bestowed upon Dr. Tanaka an honorary degree to convey their gratitude and high esteem of Dr. Tanaka. The Colleges formed the Tanaka Memorial Foundation, and in addition, 1992 marked the beginning of two exchanges with Technos International College, sponsored by the Tanaka Ikueikai Educational Trust: the exchange of International Prizes for Academic Excellence and International Understanding, and Technos International Week. -20th Anniversary Tanaka Memorial Foundation Report

To read more about Technos International Week, check out the IC’s blog here.

Healing and Empowering Kenya’s Orphans

On Nov. 15 at 5 p.m. HWS welcomed Pastor Nelson Ida from the Kakamega Care Centre. Pastor Ida presented “Healing and Empowering Kenya’s Orphans” in the Faculty Dining Room in the Scandling Campus Center, where he discussed his work in Kenya while working with children.
Pastor Ida was born in Kenya in 1978, and after graduating high school, he attended the Friends Theological College in Kaimosi, Kenya, where he received his diploma with Upper Honors in 2008. He worked as an intern with the Kakamega Orphans Care Centre, and was immediately drawn to the Care Centre out of a love for children and their mentors. Since 2008, Pastor Ida has been working for the Centre, first as a pastor/counselor, and then in 2016 was appointed to be their managing administrator.

The Care Centre program, provides a supportive boarding residence to orphans and vulnerable children so they have the safety and stability they need to learn, develop and aspire. For more information about the program, check out their website.

“I have seen the home, the kids, and myself grow, and the whole program mature greatly. My joy is seeing young people’s lives being transformed at this place. No life remains the same once one comes to the Care Centre, and I see bright futures for those who have passed through the program, those who are in it now, and many who are yet to come.” Pastor Nelson Ida

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Career Update with Brandi Ferrara

Brandi Ferrara hosted another Career Update at the IC. Brandi Ferrara is the Director of Career Services at HWS, and is always willing to help students with resumes, applications or questions about their job search, internships, grad schools and volunteering. We invite all students to attend these sessions because they’re helpful when you’re feeling overwhelmed or confused about your next steps in your professional life. This collaboration between Career Services and IC has lasted many years and we’re excited for it to continue!

Unfortunately, this was the last session this semester, but the IC is invited Brandi back for a few Career Updates next semester. Look out for updates on our Facebook page or on our Upcoming Events. If you would like to visit Career Services directly, or would like more information about their office, check out their website.

IC Meets with Posse Students

Posse, HWS Class of 2021, met with Professor Alejandra Molina, Director of Intercultural Affairs, and Darline Polanco, Assistant Director of Intercultural Affairs, to discuss programs and services provided by the IC. Some of these programs include guest speakers, the Cultural Social Justice and Global Awareness Clubs on campus, IC drop-in hours, and other support.

Posse is a college access and youth leadership development program in the United States, and helps to identify promising youth in public high schools around the country through a process that takes academic and leadership potential into consideration. HWS recruits Posse students from the Los Angeles office.

For more information on the IC or Posse, check out their websites.


Posse 2021 students with Darline Polanco and Professor Alejandra Molina

Visiting Students around Campus

The Brotherhood/Sister Sol provides long-term support services to youth who range in age from eight to twenty-two. This organization focuses on issues such as leadership development, educational achievement, sexual responsibility, sexism, misogyny, political education, social justice, Pan-African and Latino history, and global awareness.

Susan Pliner, Centennial Center for Leadership, Chevanne DeVaney, Institutional Advancement, Professor Alejandra Molina, Director of IC and James Burruto, HEOP Director, met with the group from Brotherhood/Sister Sol during their visit to the HWS campus, as well as welcomed back to campus one of their leaders, Joshua Leach, H’01.

We went to Hobart and William Smith Colleges and that was hands down my favorite school. The campus was nice and I realized I liked a medium sized campus and Sarah Lawrence was too small for me. I loved the support they have for the students in Hobart and William Smith college and felt that it would be a good school for me. So I mentally added Hobart and William Smith to my private school list.  In the end, I made new friends, added a new private school to my list, and left feeling better about going to college. Overall the trip was a success. – Giselle Jimenez- ReMix Media, CAP Class of 2018

My favorite, Hobart and William Smith Colleges. It is also a small liberal arts college that is in Geneva, NY. The social justice oriented clubs and activities on campus such as Sankofa: The Black Student Union, and LAO (Latin American Organization) embodied core values shared at the Brotherhood Sister Sol, especially our Liberation Program (Community Organizing). Overall the college tour was a great trip and I intend to apply to 2/3 of the colleges we visited! – Firdaws Roufai- Liberation Program, Writer’s Collective, CAP Class of 2018