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Celebrating End of the Year!

IC and HEOP staff members gather to celebrate another year together and we all wish our students and colleagues a fruitful end of the academic year! See you in 2018!

Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorations In Progress!

The MLK Jr. Planning committee which consists of the Office of the President, the office of Intercultural Affairs, Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning, Office for Diversity and Inclusion, Office for Spiritual Engagement, and the Office of Student Activities, have been planning programs for when students return. On the schedule:

The Martin Luther King Jr., Day of Service: January 15th, 9am-2pm, Meet in Bartlett Theatre (Breakfast will be provided)

To register:  https://hws.campuslabs.com/engage/submitter/form/start/146483

HWS volunteers are encouraged to participate in Geneva’s 47th annual Martin Luther King Jr. March and Memorial Service that takes place from 9:30 to 10:45 a.m. starting from the Public Safety Building on Exchange Street. At 11 a.m., volunteers will gather at the Geneva Presbyterian Church at 24 Park Place, assisting with hospitality, serving food, clean-up, and for interested students, worship assistance and choir before and after the Dr. Martin Luther King mass. The Colleges have had a long standing tradition of collaboration and service with the Geneva community for a variety of events including MLK Jr. Day. This year participants will be pushed to interrogate the theme Together We Win With Love For Humanity through this day of service and conversations with members of the Geneva community at other scheduled programs.

Additional programs include:

Geneva and HWS: One Beloved Community: Dinner and Conversation: Monday, January 22, 6pm, Common Room in Scandling Center

MLK Keynote Address: Tuesday, January 23, 7pm, Vandervort Room



Jerlin Garo WS’17 Presents Her Research


“For my independent study, I worked with MCF7-cells, breast cancer cells, and the South Africa claw-toed frog, Xenopus Laevis, by exposing them to Staurosporine, an alkaloid that is known to inhibit protein kinase c (PKC). The purpose of these experiments was to perfect the Scratch Assay (involving the MCF7 cells) and embryogenesis Assay (involving X. leaves) to test in the future the Pelkey compounds, which are similar in structure to known VEGFR inhibitors such as Staurosporine.”  Jerlin Garo,WS’17

The IC wishes Jerlin the best as she embarks on her new life after HWS!


Alum Afrika Owes WS’16 Pays IC a Visit


Tai-Ling Bey WS’20 poses for a photo with Afrika Owes WS’16

“I worked at HWS before I left for South Africa so coming back helped me measure how far I’ve come.  HWS is a completely different campus with a new president and it felt good to feel the air of change blowing throughout campus. I had a lot of hardships at HWS but my community uplifted me.   I do think that we need to find a way for POC to have ….some form of ‘lean on me’ social accountability for one another. There needs to be a mentorship program either between alumni and students or upperclass students and first year students—friendships and family are important for well being and success. ” Afrika Owes WS’16


End of the Semester Writing Table

The last Writing Table of the semester was held at the IC during the final week of classes, which is a very crucial period for students. The IC extends their thank yous to Professor Geoffrey Babbitt of the English and Writing and Rhetoric departments for all of the support and professional advice he has provided students with. We hope to continue this collaboration between departments and offices for many semesters to come!

DACA & Undocumented Student Initiative Meeting

Representatives from various offices all over campus gathered at the IC for a meeting regarding undocumented students and future HWS initiatives to support them. This is a working group that is reviewing policies and support for HWS students who may be DACA recipients and also exploring ways in which HWS can connect with Geneva students and families who may be in need of guidance for the college application process.

DACA, or Deferrered Action for Childhood Arrivals, was an American immigration policy that allowed some individuals who entered the country as minors, and had either entered or remained in the country undocumented, to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and to be eligible for a work permit.

“As our country embarks on a national conversation on policies that will have a direct impact on DACA recipients, higher education institutions such as HWS, have already joined this timely conversation, with the hope to address the needs of such students and their families.” Alejandra Molina, Director of Intercultural Affairs

Solome Rose, Diversity and Inclusion; John Young, Office of Admissions; Alejandra Molina, Intercultural Affairs; Alejandra Castillo, Posse Scholar WS’18

Culture through the Arts

On Dec. 4, the 5th Annual Celebrating Culture through the Arts was held in the Scandling Center. This year’s theme was “What is Culture?” and focused on the idea of art, whether this be 2D or 3D art, photography, dancing, singing, or spoken word. Many artists contributed their work to provide peers with a bit of history and insight into their culture.

One performer in particular was Pablo Falbru and the UG Collective. In an interview with the Finger Lakes Times, Falbru explained this to be “a new organization focused on arts advocacy. Our mission statement is to foster the growth of an active network of artists who positively impact our community.” Check out the UnderGround Collective’s Facebook page.

In addition, the two Fulbright Teaching Fellows, Alessandra Bottacini, the Italian TF, and Meghann Fedon, the French TF, both presented work, as well as two student artists – Jedidiah Collins H’18 and Leslie Colunga WS’19.

For more photos and videos of the event, check out the online album here.