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Alum Daniel Juarez H’15 Visits IC

Daniel Juarez H’15 returned to the IC to catch up with current students and visit the house. While a student at HWS, Daniel was a Studio Art major with a minor in Art History and Latin American Studies. He’s currently working on political art to build his portfolio for a residency and graduate school. As an artist, Daniel is working with a teacher from a local Geneva elementary school to produce a mural for the school.

It feels really cold being back, but I like reconnecting with my professors and delighted for the support they are offering me. In the end, it feels great to be back at the Colleges and see how much it changes and progresses. Daniel Juarez H’15

Homework Circle at HWS

The Homework Circle has started to meet every Sunday from 9-10 p.m. at the IC. Pam Icyeza WS’19 helps facilitate the group and as a Writing Colleague and Economics Teaching Fellow, provides students with homework and organizational help. Students do not have to RSVP for these meetings. The Homework Circle provides students with great opportunity to work together on homework, build community through striving for academic success and spend time planning ahead for the upcoming week.

Empowering Geneva’s Youth

Epic Zone Youth Club House paid the IC a visit to spend time at the house and learn about the HWS community. Epic Zone Youth Club’s mission is to provide and sustain a safe space where all youth have opportunity for development, empowerment, and support. This is a drop-in program where members are welcomed to arrive at any time during operational hours. Daily program opportunities include dinner preparation, intentional learning, physical activity, and group activities. For more information about Epic Zone Youth Club, check out their website.

The IC congratulates Benny Calderon H’17, the organization’s current Lead Youth Member Specialist!

“The Epic Zone is a place where youth, families, and community come together to learn from each other to grow and become empowered for the betterment of all…” Diane Kellogg, Program Enrichment Specialist


Benny Calderon H’17, Lead Youth Member Specialist, with Diane Kellogg, Program Enrichment Specialist

Preparing for the Women’s March: Posters and Bagels at IC

January 20, 2018, was the 1-year anniversary of the first Women’s March. This protest march was held in hundreds of cities, towns and suburbs of the United States, as wells Canada, the UK, Japan and other countries to protest Donald Trump’s administration’s policies regarding “immigration, healthcare and racial divides.” Before attending the Women’s March, the IC hosted a group of about 50 students as they created and decorated posters for the march, and ate bagels. The posters looked wonderful and were all very unique and creative.

“Surrounded, not only, by women from all over, but many of them being fellow William Smith students, I was honored and humbled to be a part of the experience. The amount of support that Girl Up received from Intercultural Affairs and Student Activities, specifically Alejandra Molina and Kim Kochin, was incredible. Thank you to everyone who showed up, to those who couldn’t, and those who do things every single day to fight for women’s rights!” Lauren “Ren” Workman, WS’18

Transfer Students Visiting IC at the Start of the Semester

The IC welcomed a few transfer students at the beginning of this semester upon their arrival on campus. We showed off our space, as well as offered any help and answered any questions the students had about campus. We’re always thrilled to welcome new students to Geneva, and show them the ropes around HWS.

Warm and nice place! Nice to meet you! Kayi Chang, H’2019