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60 Second Series

60 Second Series: German Reception

As we return to college life and events are starting to kick into high gear, the 60 Second Series has returned. The 60 Second Series is video series where we will interview club leaders, guest speakers or attendees at certain events to get a one on one feedback about that specific event.  In this edition, we were on the scene at the German Reception where we interviewed some of the attendees.

60 Second Series: Conversation with Dr. Wildcat

60 Second Series: Conversation with Alicia Santos

60 Second Series: Tatyanna Jack and Anabel Rosales

60 Seconds with Mandy Francis

The 60 Second Series is a new weekly post featuring interviews with student or faculty cultural club leaders that are changing the cultural lens on this campus. Our first interviewee is Mandy Dary from the French and Francophone Department giving us an inside angle on what they have planned this semester.