"Home Away from Home"

IC Interns

Duniya Syed WS’20: S2018


“I am currently a sophomore and am expected to graduate in 2020. I am planning on majoring in Economics and minoring in International Relations and Math. As a lab monitor, it is my obligation to keep the space safe, welcoming, clean, and comfortable for anyone coming in. It is also my obligation to keep the students on campus informed about this space that we have in campus where people can come relax and do their homework.”

Richie Ramrati H’18: S2018


Involvement on campus includes but is not limited to:  Computer Science Teaching Assistant, Mathematics Research Assistant, Budget Allocation Committee Member, IT Services Student Technician, Hobart Student Government

“More than anything, I’ve been asked to photograph and record events that are happening during my shifts which is incredibly important because you’re tasked with the responsibility of capturing the passionate discourse, professional skill building and cross-cultural collaboration in a single moment. In taking photos, you begin to understand the importance of perspective, which is a lesson I learned from not only taking photos but from many of the powerfully thought-provoking conversations that always seem to occur at the IC regularly.”

Sadeek Walker H’18: S2018


“I’m a senior Political Science major and former president of the Caribbean Student Association and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. I held both positions during senior year. I also work as a Study Mentor at the Center for Teaching and Learning. My favorite part of working as the IC lab monitor is the autonomy it provides for us to do homework while monitoring the house.”

Yesica Bello WS’18: 2018


“My name is Yesica Bello, I am a senior double majoring in Women’s Studies and Spanish and Hispanic Studies. I had the wonderful opportunity to work as a computer lab monitor at the Intercultural Affairs office on Thursday evenings. What I enjoyed the most about working for the IC is interacting with the students as a peer, as a minor, as a woman of color, as a student of color on campus. The IC’s familiar space has enabled me to further continue providing these spaces for other students.”

Tanisha Genao WS’19: S2018


“Hi guys! My name is Tanisha Genao. I am a senior at the colleges, majoring in Russian Area Studies and minoring in Biology. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. For nearly two years now, I have worked for the Intercultural Affairs Center as a lab monitor. For me, the best part about this job has been seeing the versatility and the comfort-feeling itself, that the I.C. stands for. The I.C. is home and a safe space for many of us and it’s great to be part of that. I’ve seen students come to be scholars, friends, entrepreneurs, and amazing leaders.”

Pamela Icyeza WS’19: S2018


“My name is Pamela Icyeza and I am part of the class of 2019. I am an economics and political science double major. I am from Kigali, Rwanda. I am a computer lab monitor at the Intercultural Affairs office on Sunday evenings. My favorite part about working for the IC is interacting with the students- who like myself, find the IC to the closest thing to home on  campus.  I enjoy making the space more comfortable for the students during the time that I work.”

Edisson Cabrera H’18: F2017

IMG_0003 (2).JPG

“I am a senior at the colleges studying Architecture and Latin American Studies, with a minor in Studio Art. I am from Long Island, NY but was born in Ecuador. As a projects special intern, my job is to compile survey answers for the offices internal review.  By doing this, the IC keeps track of the different students and community members that its cultural events target. I am very happy to be part of the IC family because I get an extra support for the time being at the colleges. It also helps me be aware of the different ways that ‘we,’ as students, can help to promote our cultural heritage at the colleges.”

Monika von Brauchitsch WS’18: IC Blog Intern F2016, S2017, F2017, S2018

Hi! My name is Monika von Brauchitsch and I’m a senior at the colleges studying Media & Society and Writing & Rhetoric, with a minor in Spanish language. I’m from Fairfield, CT, but I’m so happy to be back on campus for this upcoming year. I’m new to the IC center, but so far I’ve had a blast getting to know everyone. I work as the Blog Intern, so I’m constantly updating the online blog, selecting the best pictures to post, running the Facebook to remind students of events and taking pictures of events at the IC. Doing all of this has been so great because I’m very interested in digital marketing, particularly social media, as a future career path.

Harry Nichols H‘18: Film Editing Intern Su2017, F2017

This summer and into the 2017-18 school year Harry has worked as film editor for the Intercultural Center. As a senior at the Colleges and a Media & Society Major with a focus in film and an English minor, Harry is thrilled to be filming cultural events on campus in order to highlight the diversity this campus contains. This summer Harry also worked to bring attention to Technos International Week – a program that brings HWS students to Japan for an immersive cultural experience. On campus, Harry is captain of the Hobart Tennis Team and co-president of the Hobartones.

Ariela Castillo WS’20: Career Research Intern S2017, F2017

Ariela is a first year from The Bronx, New York, studying Media and Society and Spanish and Hispanic studies. Her career goals include becoming a news reporter, and this past summer Ariela enrolled in journalism classes at Hostos Community College. At the IC, Ariela is the Career Research Intern, where she researches scholarship and internship opportunities for HWS minority students on a weekly basis. The information is then put into a newsletter and sent to qualifying students. On campus, she is involved with the Latin American Organization (LAO) and she plays volleyball with the William Smith club team.

Rizky Kafrawi H’20: Community Cultural Research Intern F2017

IMG_1541“Hello everyone! My name is Rizky Kafrawi and I’m a sophomore at the colleges. I don’t currently have a major or minor declared but I’m considering majoring in Biochemistry with a minor in Music or International Relations. I’m from Geneva, NY but I was born in Montreal, Canada. My job at IC involves distributing event posters around campus and to research and compile local events for the weekly Cultural Weekend Planner. I wanted to be an intern at IC because I knew that it would be a great way for me to promote diversity and become a more active and involved member of our community. On campus, I am a member of the Salisbury Diversity Fellows, and an aspiring pianist.”

Pamela Icyeza WS ‘19: Summer Intern, FB2016, Su2017


“This summer I interned at the Intercultural Affairs Center as the office’s special projects intern. I worked on several archival and organizational projects. The two main projects were the updating of the HWS webpages’ articles and photos featuring programs related to the work of Intercultural Affairs as well as organizing materials that belong to the cultural and social justice clubs that use the center as a resource and meeting space.”

Sarah García WS’17: Summer Intern Su2017


“As an IC Intern, I compiled data, created archives and maintained them up-to-date. I also compiled articles and edited the Fall 2017 issue of The Green Update, which focused on the themes of food: indigenous people and food sovereignty, as well as food deserts in Geneva and iin the nation; healthy food options in Geneva; and advice for students on building healthy eating habits. As part of Intercultural Affairs’ community outreach, I participated in the public meetings organized with the Geneva Foundry Action Committee and also assisted by interpreting for members of the Geneva’s Hispanic community.”

Roslyn Patel WS’20: Communications Intern S2017


“I am a first year from Geneva, NY. I am in the premed program and plan to major in Biology. I work at the IC Office through the Communications Office as a student writer. I am responsible for writing stories about the cultural events and clubs on campus portraying their cultural significance and the importance they hold within the campus. I enjoy working with the IC office because it encourages me to attend events I usually wouldn’t, allowing me to expand my horizons.”

Shafiullah Shirzai H’17: Special Project Intern F2013, S2014, WB 2016


“I am currently a senior at Hobart and William Smith Colleges where I am majoring in Economics and minoring in Russian language. During my tenure as a special project intern at the IC, I was responsible in auditing and updating the office’s databases. Some of the projects I worked on were the compilation of survey answers for the offices of Internal Review. I was also in charge of updating the inventory for further use by clubs on campus. I also worked on a film project where I was supposed to file films by index for the office’s Film Project Archives. Finally, through my job at the IC, I was also able to coordinate with the office for presenting at a public event at Geneva Middle School through the office’s Community Outreach Program.”

Mohammed Daajneh H’17: Career Research Intern Su2013, Su2015, F2016


Mohammed Daajneh is double majoring in Economics and International Relations. He’s originally from Bethlehem, Palestine, however attended The Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, CT. Through Hotchkiss, Mohammed received a scholarship at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, where he is planning to graduate this Spring 2017. Mohammed is interested in marketing and sales once he graduates, however also wants to attend graduate school in the near future. As the Career Research Intern at the IC center, Mohammed updates the career service newsletter which is sent out to international students monthly, and other students every week. He researches scholarships, job and internship opportunities for international students, minority students and underprivileged students, as well as just students in general.

Genesis Gonzales WS’17: Special Media Project Intern Su2015, F2016, S2017, F2017


Genesis Gonzales is a William Smith senior studying Architecture and Studio Arts. Once she graduates, Genesis hopes to go to grad school to study urban planning and disaster relief. She works for the IC  photo and article archiving as well as working on special media projects. In the past Genesis has published the Green Update which is  a yearly publication that discusses ways the social justice club can include sustainable topics in their events and conversations.

Tamira Jackson-Lofton WS’18: Film Editor/Filming Intern F2016, S2017, F2017


Tamira Jackson, a sophomore at William Smith College, is double majoring in Media and Society and Theatre with a minor in Spanish language. Tamara is the Film Editing intern at IC and helps edit film and sound for any filmed events or videos the IC might produce. On campus, Tamira also is the treasurer of the Caribbean Students’ Association (CSA), enjoys playing tennis, and is a member of Posse. She also works at the HWS Office of Communications as a photographer. She spent this past summer working with the theatre director at a private summer camp and helped younger kids perform the film production, “Too Much Noise.” Once she graduates, Tamira hopes to work in the production industry in LA.


German Veras H’18: Film Editing Intern F2015, S2016, S2017


“My name is German Veras, I am a Senior studying media and society as a major and a Studio art minor. Working at the Office of Intercultural Affairs as the video editor I am given the opportunity to attend every event recorded by the IC through a computer screen. I am in charge of editing, rearranging, adding and deleting different video clips from the recorded events and compose them in an order that would comprehensively and creatively tell the the story of what occurred at each event. When I am finished adding my creative and technical elements to the raw footage I burn the video onto a blank DVD in order to archive the footage and make it available for future students interested in looking back at these wonderful experiences.”

Dignaris Garcia WS’17: Film Editor/Filming Intern S2016, F2016, F2017


“I am Dignauris Garcia, and I am a part of William Smith 2017. My job here at the Intercultural Affairs House is being in charge of filming and editing videos of events that show case different cultures, like the Islamic fashion show, and the Asian Student Association’s New Year’s dinner.  Besides having the ability to express myself creatively, while learning editing tricks I enjoy giving these cultural events the proper spotlight they deserve. Through proper editing and filming of key moments, I hope to work side by side with these meaningful functions in spreading cultural awareness where it’s needed most.”

John Camara H’19: Cultural Weekend Research Intern F2015, S2016, F2016, S2017


‘”Hello, my name is John Matthew Camara. I am currently a Hobart freshman, and I’m from Los Angeles, California. I serve as the IC’s Cultural Weekend Planner Intern.  Every week, I create HWS’ Cultural Weekend Planner, a newsletter covering upcoming events within Geneva as well as its surrounding cities. These events encircle different cultures, backgrounds, and identities. This is my first year working with Intercultural Affairs, and I’m having such a blast! Everyone here is so helpful and understanding. My job keeps up my enthusiasm for serving the community, and my experience so far has been awesome.”

Sadeek Walker H’18: Archivist Intern

JNeill Jaico H’16: IC Summer Intern Su2016

IMG_0004 2

“Greetings audience members! My name is Neill Jaico and I recently graduated with the 2016 class. I studied Writing & Rhetoric, as well as Media & Society during my time at the colleges. Originally, I am from New York City – South Bronx to be exact – but I am spending my summer here in Geneva, NY interning at the Finger Lakes Times and the Intercultural Affairs House. At the IC, I mainly served as the Inventory Intern along with aiding in several programs or events hosted/sponsored by the IC throughout the summer. My responsibilities as the inventory intern consisted of: updating the inventory for every social justice/culture club that uses the basement of the IC to store their items/equipment/materials that are utilized for the events that they host throughout the school year. This is my second time working with the IC and it’s always a great learning experience, as well as good times with warm people!”

Benny Calderon H’17: IC Summer Intern Su2016

IMG_0002 2

“Working at the IC these summer months has been a ton of fun and has allowed me to continue developing some professional skills. I have spent this summer working on a number of media and archiving projects for the IC amongst other things. I got to create some DVDs on the 2016 graduating class as well as the 2016 reunion weekend. I also got to update the IC blog as events were hosted, taking pictures, garnering comments, and writing descriptions of said events. Along with updating the blog I got to work organizing and carrying out them out. Throughout the summer I made sure projects, photos, and files were organized as well as archiving material from previous classes. Professor Molina takes the historical aspects of the IC’s work and its students very seriously. All in all this along with my other jobs this summer gave me the opportunity to develop my interpersonal, organizational, administrative, and event planning skills. I appreciate the opportunity to work with the other summer interns and Professor Molina’s efforts in guiding us.”

Cody Rivera H’17: IC Summer Intern Su2016, FB2016, WB2016


“From June 1st until July 6th of this year, I was able to intern at the Intercultural Affairs House under Professor Alejandra Molina. During my month and few days at the Intercultural Affairs House I worked on two projects. My first project was hosting summer events for students staying on campus during the summer. Two events that I hosted was a 4th of July Barbeque and an Ice Cream Sunday Social the week before. My second project was working on archiving Daily Update Articles on LGBTQ and Gender topics from the Colleges website. My summer working with the Intercultural Affairs was productive because it allowed me to learn more about the planning and implementation of IC events, while also being a hub for student summer activities.

Shweta Kumar WS ’15:  Archivist Intern F2015, S2016


“Hi everyone! My name is Shweta Kumar and I am a senior at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. I am an international relations major with a minor in political science. At the IC, I am the archivist. I help organize photos and media articles that are featured in the Daily Update and This Week in Photos by labeling and classifying these photos in organized folders. I enjoy my time working at the IC and look forward to making it a part of my senior year experience!”

David Lahmani H ’17:  Media Intern S2014, Su2014, F2014, S2015, F2015


“Hey everyone, my name is David Lahmani. I am a junior at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. I am a International Relations major and an Economics minor. At the Intercultural Affairs, I am the Media Intern. I am in charge in updating the Blog, the Facebook page and other social platform that the Center uses. In addition, I film certain events for the IC. This is my third year working for the Intercultural Affairs, and it has been blast seeing how the position evolves every semester. I feel like I have gained co-workers and long-lasting friends at the same time.”

Zheng Xu WS’17 and Derek Moore H’19: Film and Editing Interns F2015


“I’m Zheng Xu. I’m a junior.  I came from city Chengdu in China. I major in Media and Society and minor in Art History. My job in Intercultural Affairs Center is to film and edit videos of events on campus so that they could be archived with appropriate information. I’m glad to have this job which gives me opportunities to actively participate in school’s events and also allows me to look at and “experience” the events that I missed.”

“Hello, my name is Derek Moore. I am a first year at HWS. I’m from L.A. and I’m currently considering majoring in Psychology. I have a passion for learning more about other cultures. I work as the film editor and event media recorder for the IC. I get the privilege of taking pictures and filming the cultural events around the campus, and editing those videos.”

Kelsi Carr WS’16: Sports Coordinator Intern F2015, S2016, F2016


“My name is Kelsi Carr and I am from Ontario, Canada. I am new this year to HWS as a transfer Sophomore and I couldn’t think of a better place to adjust then at the IC Affairs office. Meeting new faces and sharing stories has been something I look forward to every time I enter. My job is the Sports Coordinator where I put on games such as Sunday Night Football, Bocce, 5K run and possibly more! I love working here and hope to continue through out my time here at HWS.”

Annie Langlois WS’16: Career Research Analyst F2015, S2016


“I am currently a senior at William Smith where I am majoring in Architectural Studies with minors in Studio Art and Environmental Science. I am originally from Winchester, MA but I spent the summer interning in New York City. My junior year, I studied abroad in Prague, Czech Republic and Rome, Italy, where I focused on architectural through sketchbook work. On campus, I am involved with Koshare, the Arts and Design Collective and CGE where I am a Global Ambassador.”

Jerlin Garo WS’17: Programming Assistant Intern S2015, S2016, F2016, S2017, F2017


“Hey everyone, my name is Jerlin Garo and I am a junior at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. My major is Biochemistry. I am from New York City, and I work as the Programming Assistant for the Cultural, Global Awareness and Social Justice Clubs on campus.  This is my second year working for the Intercultural Affairs Center, and  it has been an amazing experience.  So far, I have developed new technological and organizational skills and have broadened my awareness about different clubs and events on campus.”

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