"Home Away from Home"

Our Students Abroad

Jackie Matos WS’19 in India!

Jackie Matos is currently volunteering as an English teaching assistant and dance instructor at the Colaba Municipal Secondary School in Southern Mumbai, India. Jackie is a firm believer in education advocacy for marginalized populations.
When asked about her experience, here’s what she said:
    “Equitable access to education and other rights for women are my greatest passions, and understanding the pursuit for those values outside of America is essential. Never in a million years did I think I would end up going to India, let alone do a summer  internship in Mumbai. I am living out one of my biggest and wildest dream; this is truly a dream come true! Couldn’t have done this without the help of the Intercultural Affairs office, ALAA, and the Tanaka Award! I am truly blessed.”
For more about Jackie Matos, visit: Tanaka Scholars Intern in India and Cambodia on The HWS Update


Kayloyan Byanov H’21, Shares his summer travel experiences!

Kayloyan Byanov (international student from Bulgaria) sent us his ‘postcard’ notes from his summer travels.

“Greetings from Amsterdam and Glasgow!  Everyone’s views of life are created by the different experiences we gain. We should see as many places as we can in our lifetime.  Our minds will broaden and we will enjoy life at its best.


Monika Von Brauchitsch WS’18

After a successful four years in Genava, Monika Von Brauchitsch is traveling the world! Monika is currently with IPG Mediabrands and hopes to get into the world of advertising

“After graduating Hobart and William Smith Colleges this past May, I received the Bickely Scholarship Award to pursue an internship with IPG Mediabrands in Sydney, Australia. The media agency I have been working with, Initiative, is filled with amazing, driven people, where I feel like I’m challenged to learn more every single day. Even as an intern, I am given many responsibilities and my coworkers have high expectations of my work, which encourages me to complete all of my tasks to my full potential. Although I have only been working with the company for a few weeks now, I feel like I have learned so much about the world of media and the process of advertising.!”

–Monika Von Brauchitsch WS’18



Tamira Jackson-Lofton WS’19 in Rome!

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“I absolutely loveeee Rome! Its so beautiful and I cant wait to send more pictures to everyone!” Tamira Jackson-Lofton WS’19


Carly Kelly WS’20 in Rabat, Morocco

My name is Carly Kelly and I’m a current sophomore at HWS with an Anthropology major and Middle Eastern studies minor. I am currently studying abroad in Rabat, Morocco this semester, which is the school’s first time sending students to this country.

I am taking classes in Arabic and Morocco after the 2011 Arab Spring through the CCCL (Center for Cross-Cultural Learning), a Moroccan-based program located in Rabat. Along with taking those two classes, my last month of the program is dedicated to our independent research project, in which I will be looking at how Saharawi culture is used as a rhetoric for the Polisario Front (a nationalist liberation movement dedicated to liberating the Western Sahara from Morocco).

Besides my classes, I have also explored all across Morocco – from the hot, sandy Sahara desert to the freezing cold, feet-deep snow in the mountains of northern Morocco. Exploring different cities all across Morocco and living with two different host families, one in Rabat and one for a week in a rural, Amazigh village called Tarmilat, has helped me understand how diverse Morocco is.

I have already learned so much about Morocco and have gotten to meet people from all different walks of life. I have ridden a camel through the Sahara desert, rode a donkey in Tarmilat, seen the famous blue-city called Chefchaouen (which should be more famous for how much rain it gets), I have bartered in Arabic multiple times, seen the famous tannery in Fes, seen monkeys playing in the snow in the mid-atlas mountains, ran around in the Mediterranean sea, and crossed by foot into the Spanish city of Ceuta, which is on the continent of Africa, bordering Morocco.

I am incredibly grateful that I have had the opportunity to study abroad in Morocco and am having the absolute best time of my life. Carly Kelly WS’20