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Tamira Jackson-Lofton WS’19 in Rome!

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“I absolutely loveeee Rome! Its so beautiful and I cant wait to send more pictures to everyone!” Tamira Jackson-Lofton WS’19


Carly Kelly WS’20 in Rabat, Morocco

My name is Carly Kelly and I’m a current sophomore at HWS with an Anthropology major and Middle Eastern studies minor. I am currently studying abroad in Rabat, Morocco this semester, which is the school’s first time sending students to this country.

I am taking classes in Arabic and Morocco after the 2011 Arab Spring through the CCCL (Center for Cross-Cultural Learning), a Moroccan-based program located in Rabat. Along with taking those two classes, my last month of the program is dedicated to our independent research project, in which I will be looking at how Saharawi culture is used as a rhetoric for the Polisario Front (a nationalist liberation movement dedicated to liberating the Western Sahara from Morocco).

Besides my classes, I have also explored all across Morocco – from the hot, sandy Sahara desert to the freezing cold, feet-deep snow in the mountains of northern Morocco. Exploring different cities all across Morocco and living with two different host families, one in Rabat and one for a week in a rural, Amazigh village called Tarmilat, has helped me understand how diverse Morocco is.

I have already learned so much about Morocco and have gotten to meet people from all different walks of life. I have ridden a camel through the Sahara desert, rode a donkey in Tarmilat, seen the famous blue-city called Chefchaouen (which should be more famous for how much rain it gets), I have bartered in Arabic multiple times, seen the famous tannery in Fes, seen monkeys playing in the snow in the mid-atlas mountains, ran around in the Mediterranean sea, and crossed by foot into the Spanish city of Ceuta, which is on the continent of Africa, bordering Morocco.

I am incredibly grateful that I have had the opportunity to study abroad in Morocco and am having the absolute best time of my life. Carly Kelly WS’20