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Earlier This Semester…

Open House at the Intercultural Affairs Center

The Fall semester 2012 began with an amazing Open House outside of the Intercultural Affairs Center on the front lawn. We greeted several faculty, staff new and returning students as we caught up on things that happened over the summer, students’ experiences who were returning from studying abroad, new and upcoming plans for the Office of Intercultural Affairs and so much more. At this Open House, we also had an unveiling of one of Jenny Wu’s (WS2012) paintings–her portrayal of the IC. Her painting was donated as a gift to the Intercultural Affairs Center.

Family Snack ‘n’Share

Later on in September, in collaboration with the South Asian Culture Club, the Office of Intercultural Affairs met with several families and students on Family Weekend. Students and families stopped by, toured the center, enjoyed some snacks and got henna tattoos done. The Office of Intercultural Affairs also received a surprise guest, newly appointed Provost Titi Ufomata (students posing for a photo with Provost Ufomata for This Week in Photos).

Annual Freedom Fund Dinner for the Geneva Chapter NAACP

Four William Smith Students accompanied staff members of the Intercultural Affairs Center to the Annual Freedom Fund NAACP dinner where the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning receieved the Mary Ann Mallard Community Service Award (see photo). At this annual dinner, audience members were able to hear from Geneva’s first African American physician and see him get an award.

Warm Wednesday

More recently, Shelly Lear from the Counseling Center was our Warm Wednesday guest. Students stopped by and enjoyed a warm bowl of soup while they learned more about the Counseling Center, Shelly Lear’s path toward a profession in counseling and Shelly was able to learn a bit more about students who come to the Intercultural Affairs Center.