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Ronald Carter H’90


Ronald’s History at Hobart College

Ronald Carter gradated from Hobart College in 1990. During his four years at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, he studied sociology and anthropology while he created his own independent major, “Third World Studies.” Carter remembers how this was an empowering major that taught him to appreciate other cultures.

Carter is originally from Lima, New York, which is a small town situated near Geneso, NY. While growing up, Carter’s father was an engineer at Kodak, but essentially worked as a cultural anthropologist because he would go into the field. Overall, this taught Carter to learn and respect other cultures. Ultimately the cultural anthropology side of his father’s career inspired and introduced Carter into the fields of study he used for his individual major.

During Carter’s four years at HWS, he was an active member of the Hobart Basketball team, as well as the President of the African American Student Coalition, and a member of the Model OAU. With the Model OAU, Carter traveled to DC with a few other HWS students, as well as other college students from around the US, for a conference focusing on African nations.

Ronald’s Journey and Preparation to Achieve his Current Position

Carter is currently a singer and songwriter, as well as an I.T. specialist. He resides in New Jersey, and is working both careers, but his interests began from an early age. Carter admits he used to take special classes for music when he was much younger. In college, he didn’t focus on music at all, but was introduced to his love of computers. He was a Teaching Assistant in a computer lab on campus, so he was quickly familiar and comfortable with technology.

After graduating from Hobart College in 1990, Carter worked for an independent health and beauty aid company that tracked purchases. This was located in the Wall Street Area of New York City.

One day, the Computer Manager in the office happened to look at Carter’s resume and noticed his computer skills and invited him to help out in the computer room with I.T. and Computer Sciences.

Shortly after, Carter started a new job in Midtown Manhattan at a smaller firm. Here, he assisted with daily reports and backups; both still I.T. type work. However, around this same time, Carter began to work on music after meeting up with an old friend he grew up with. Carter’s cousin had put the two men in touch, and Carter quickly joined his musical group and met a few of the members.

Carter and his friend got much closer, and eventually taught Carter how to write songs. His friend would give him tracks or beats, and Carter would write the lyrics. The two often practiced their singing skills, until Carter was introduced to a producer.

Some of Carter’s music has been produced commercially, and he currently works in his own in-house studio. Producers from South Africa to Argentina reach out to Carter to collaborate and work together.

Advice for HWS Students

Network, network, network—you never know who can be a resource, and this works reciprocally too; you never know who you can be a resource for. And collaborate. This is a key when it comes to songwriting, business, life – we all have different skillsets – we never know how we will help one another. We all have more in common than we have differences.


What is the Alum Corner?

As part of the Alum Corner, the Office of Intercultural Affairs features alumni who were connected to the IC either through internships, office work, club involvement, the Higher Education Opportunities Programs or just spent time at the center. Each semester we will feature a couple of alumni in order to showcase what students connected to the IC do after their time at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. So stay tuned!

Check out some photos of HWS alumni from the 1970’s and 1980’s.
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Students: If you are interested in contacting one of the alumni featured on this page, please email IC@hws.edu.

Additionally, the Afro Latino Alumni Association is available and would love to connect with students and other alumni . Check out their website http://www.hws.edu/alumni/leadership/alaa.aspx

2013: Cecilia Capers WS’92
2014: Akilah Browne WS’11
2015: Heli Shah WS’13 & Walter Cruz H’11
2016: Guanqun Li H’14, Julia Hoyce WS’11, Gabrielle Perez WS’12, Laura Alexander WS’14,Kay Payne WS’73 & Sky Davis WS’10
2017: Jade Vásquez WS’12

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