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Alumni: Where are they now?

In today’s feature we focus on recent graduate Rose Cherubin 15′ who was hired by the office of Admissions after graduation. In the video below she shares with us her life as an alumni and her transition from student to staff here at HWS. Cherubin’s involvement on campus included being Prime Minister of the Caribbean Student Association, working at the admissions office, and being a part of the William Smith Laurel Society.

Sustainability and Social Justice

Stacey Davis ’15

Stacey Davis0013
Environmental Studies major, Biology and Sustainable Community Development double minor shares with us her work with the Finger Lakes Institute and how her research has helped her develop an understanding of the link between social justice and sustainability. Davis was selected from an impressive pool of more than 1,000 applicants to join the ranks of 182 other FoodCorps service members working in over 500 schools across the nation. The program is part of the AmeriCorps Service Network which aims to connect children to real food and help them grow up healthy as they bring real, healthy food to students at schools across the country as well as provide food and nutrition education.
IC Green Newsletter F2014

Fire! Fire!

On Tuesday August 25th, there was a fire demonstration for the Resident Assistants and the House Managers right next to the IC. Here are some pictures and videos from the demonstrations,


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Back to School!

Some of our students have already been back on campus this year. We asked them how it felt to be back. Here are their answers,

“It’s good to be back!” – Taner H’18

“It feels good to back. I feel that I have has enough time to reflect on how my first year was and I am ready to take on another year of challenges.” – Kely H’18

HWS Travels

This summer some of our students where able to have incredible opportunities abroad. This week, we spoke with Adriana Ureña WS’16 who told us about her Theater internship in Italy. Here is what she had to say.

” It was an experience that I will never forget. I learned how to be more direct in the theater role between leading and participating” 


Meet the New Fulbright Language Teaching Assistants!

We have the pleasure of introducing the Fulbright Language Teaching Assistants of this year to you. We have the privilege of having three FLTA’s this year, teaching German, French and Arabic. Here is what they had to say about their incoming year,

Amazing opportunity to be here.” – Yvonne Brieger, German FLTA

I feel eager to share cultural aspects from many different areas” – Mathias Valiente, French FLTA

Excited to live in a smaller city and get more of a community feel” – Hiba Amro, Arabic FLTA

Here is a picture of them visiting the Intercultural Affairs Center,


4th of July @ American Legion

As part of the Intercultural Affairs Summer 2015 Programs and trip, this 4th of July weekend the IC sponsored a trip to the American Legion in Geneva for students who are spending their summer on campus. Students were able to enjoy a night of music, laughter, food, games and of course, Fireworks!


“The IC always has fun programs and trips for students and I’m happy to have spent my fourth of July surrounded by such awesome people brought together by the IC.” – Jerlin Garo ’17

“It was so nice to have participated in this awesome community event, got to know Geneva so much better.” – Genesis Gonzalez ’17

4th of July Picnic

As part of the Intercultural Affairs Summer 2015 Programs and Trip, this 4th of July weekend we hosted a picnic at the IC for students on Campus this summer. Students were excited to celebrate with their peers for the national holiday. They enjoyed great food from Bagels & Cakes while talking in anticipation for the night of fireworks ahead.

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Summer @ HWS

Many students spend their summer here at HWS and they are sharing their experience with us!

Today’s spotlight is on Lesly Rivero ’17, who is double majoring in Psychology and Sociology with a minor in Social Justice.


“I will be working as a Summer of Service Intern with the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning. For most of the summer, I will be working with the Assistant Principal of Geneva High School, Nate Schneckenburger. My responsibilities involve assisting in data collection efforts, conducting reports, proctoring exams, facilitating summer school programs, among other tasks. I will also be working with the HWS Summer Academy, which is a two week program provided by the colleges for low-income students who are driven to pursue higher education. 

After completing a service-learning course that focused on researching the Geneva community, I decided to prolong my involvement. Prior to the community engagement and research the course allowed me to become involved in, I knew very little about Geneva. I find it extremely necessary to learn about the community because our actions affect it everyday and we need to learn how to create positive changes. 
I am excited about remaining involved and helping others no matter the task. Since I have started my internship, I have been applying what I have been learning at HWS to my work and I love it! I look forward to working with my colleagues towards the same goal and learning new things everyday. I appreciate every single “thank you” I receive, and hope to give out just as many.”

Ramadan: Breaking Fast

This weekend our students came together to celebrate Ramadan: the ninth month of the Muslim year, during which strict fasting is observed from sunrise to sunset. To celebrate students gathered at the IC for a sunset breaking fast BBQ, in which they enjoyed some traditional food.

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As the sun began to set students Mohamed Daajneh ’16 and Banan Otaibi ’18 explain a little bit about Ramadan and their own reasons for fasting.

Here are some comments from students who attended the event:

“Awesome!<3” – Genesis Gonzalez ’17

“Superb” – Olikoye Akanle ’16


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