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  • Noted scholar, feminist and anti-racism activist Peggy McIntosh will visit Hobart and William Smith to deliver a lecture as part of the campus community's series of events commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. McIntosh's talk will take place at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 27, in the Vandervort Room of the Scandling Campus Center. The event is free and open to the public.
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Saturday’s Ski Trip to Bristol

As the weekend approaches, the students are getting ready for the first trip of the semester, Bristol Ski Trip. It will be this Saturday, February 13th from 12 pm to 6 pm. The price is  $25- lift only and  $30 -Rental and lift. It will be led by two Fullbright, Hiba Amro and Yvonne Brieger. We hope you will be able to attend this trip!

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Nicolas Stewart’s GHS Step Team

Nicolas Stewart ’15 started up his own step team and the first team of Geneva High School, Black Illuminators. He has now become the choreographer and mentor of 25 students who have joined the team. The video below shows how far along the step team has come and the promising future this step team has.

“I have always wanted to coach my own step team. I believed it would push me creatively and I could take a break from performing because I felt that my time was up. I sought out forming my own team years ago in hopes that I could create a new buzz or hype around the art of step since it has died down in my city, (which is where I began stepping at the age of eight). Thankfully coming back to work at the colleges this year I was blessed to be given the opportunity to begin my own team and the first team for Geneva High School. Geneva reminds me of Buffalo in many ways and I loved the idea of taking these promising students and producing champions. The process was difficult, but after three months of trying to form a team – six students stuck it out with me and put on an amazing show for their students within three weeks of practicing. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, I now have a team of about 25 students that come to practice every day. These students are committed and excited and it makes me love what I am able to do. They honestly make my week and I will never regret the time it took to get to this point, because now I have a point to prove and a team to work with. Stepping has always been an outlet for at-risk inner-city students and regardless of anyone’s race, this team is showing me that I have a purpose in these students’ lives. As much as I feel as if I need them, they need me just as much. Step is not just about the activity, but it is also about team building, confidence, performance, sportsmanship, endurance and discipline and I cannot wait for everyone to see their competition routine. Thank you for supporting a step team called the Black Illuminators.” -Nicolas Steward ’15

ヾ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)ノ♪Superbowl Sundayヾ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)ノ♪

Students gathered on Sunday night to watch the Superbowl game in the Game Room of the Intercultural Affairs House. They enjoyed free pizza and drinks. It was a great start to the week where they got to enjoy each other’s company, the game and the half-time show.

“Love the IC, this program was a good idea.” -Michelle Gomez ’16 

“This event provided me with a cultural experience that I have enjoyed for as long as I have been in the U.S.” -Mohammed Daajneh ’16

Career Chat With Brandi Ferrara~

This is a great opportunity to meet with Brandi Ferrara, the director of Career Services, to go over career plans and more. You can just come in without making an appointment. The next workshop will be on March 23, 2016 from 4 pm-5 pm. Mark your calendars and take advantage of this opportunity!IMG_0178

Geneva High School: Dan De Nose’s visit, “Change the World”


De Nose, a 2006 Geneva High graduate who went on to earn degrees from Hobart College and Rutgers University, is working to build a non-profit called Leaders of the 21st Century. The son of Haitian immigrants, Denose grew up in Newark, N.J. By the time he was 11, he was getting into trouble despite his parents’ efforts. After attending a summer camp run by the Rev. Jim Adams of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, he was offered a chance to move to Geneva. Local residents Jim and Wendy Trowbridge took him in. De Nose received a certificate of merit from Superintendent Trina Newton, praising him as an outstanding role models.

During his visit, he shared some of the lessons he learned from his experiences, including the idea that imagining success helps people to move toward it. De Nose also urged the students to surround themselves with the right people and to think positively.

““It was an idea that created Facebook,” De Nose said. “It was an idea that created Snapchat. It was an idea that put a man on the moon. What is your idea?”

“It was wonderful to see Dan and to know that he has not lost his vision for Leadership and Empowerment. While he was in attendance at HWS, I was his advisor for the club “Leaders For Tomorrow,” a group that reached out to support and aspire high school students to go to college. He has the power and energy to get the audience going. To share his life experience is phenomenal as it may parallel other students lives by providing them a positive outcome and success regardless of his struggles. Dan is one we can all be proud of in the Geneva Community and HWS.” -Mrs. Edith Wormley


Club Planning Dinner S2016

Members from different clubs got together to look ahead at the events that will be coming up for the Spring semester. The Club Planning Dinner also served as a mean of fixing any scheduling conflict with the events. Additionally, Darline Polanco-Wattles and Denise Polanco led a scenario based activity to discuss the ways by which different conflicts that may arise in a club, and between clubs, could be handled.

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“The club planning dinner continues to develop the unity that these clubs represent as whole at this institution whether it may be in constructing methods of enhancing the community within the clubs and the community of the colleges as well.” -Neill Jaico ’16

“It’s great to have these types of events as a club leader because it brings together different ideas and helps unite different goals in order to achieve our missions as leaders on campus.” -Genesis Gonzalez ’17

Geneva Middle School: Immigration Panel


“Each of the three HWS students brought a unique perspective that tied beautifully into the current 8th grade English unit on refugees and Social Studies curriculum on immigration.  We start this unit by watching Chimamanda Adiche’s “Danger of a Single Story,” and since Adiche is from Nigeria it was neat to have Koye here live referencing some of the same cities and ideas as those she presented in that TED talk.  Then, Jerlin added the perspective of someone who was brought over as a child, at the decision of a parent, which is similar to the experience of the main character in our novel, as well as many of our own GMS students. Mohammed gave students insight into refugee life as well as the perspective of someone who has sacrificed a great deal, traveling alone from a young age, working for the opportunity to improve the living conditions for his family.  The HWS students helped our students gain a sliver of understanding about life in other parts of the world, and in their reflections the 8th graders identified many valuable messages on life, character and human interaction that had resonated throughout the presentation.” – Ms. Shannon Kelly, Social Studies Teacher at Geneva Middle School

“It was great to be a part of this panel. We were able to see the students genuine interest in our stories. Aside from speaking about our stories, we gave them advice on seeking mentors.” -Jerlin  Garo ’17

“I thought they were very enthusiastic. They clearly understood a lot already, which is good, and were willing to learn more about it. I believe kids that get educated about immigration from an earlier age will be able to say and do more about the immigration system in America. Especially hearing from those who have experienced it themselves” -Olikoye Akanle ’16

“I thought it was a great experience to speak to the 8th grade students. It was amazing to see how interested they were in each of our stories.” – Mohammed Daajneh ’16

New York City Reunion with Mrs. Wormley

Rose Cherubin ’15, Shane Samuel ’13, Dollian Garo ’15, Sima Rana ’15, Shanita Mcleod ’13, Chryssy Abdool ’13 and Kingsly Adarkwah ’13 met with Mrs. Wormley in New York City. The alumni shared their life experiences after graduating from Hobart and William Smith Colleges as well as their memories of their time on campus.12376217_10207489524890809_6923770368488048562_n

“Ms. Wormley’s gathering in NYC was a wonderful way to connect and converse with HWS HEOP alumni/classmates. It was a splendid way to engage in conversations that reminded us of our undergraduate career.” -Dollian Garo ’15

“The gathering was a great way to connect with friends/alums that you haven’t had a chance to touch base with (due to location, work/school schedules, etc.). I enjoyed seeing everyone and hearing what they all have been up to since graduation. The gathering was also a great networking opportunity.” -Shane Samuel ’13

Peggy McIntosh Events

Noted scholar, feminist and anti-racism activist Peggy McIntosh visited our campus this week and spoke with students about the campus climate at HWS and delivered the 2016 MLK Jr. Keynote Address on Wednesday in the Vandervort Room.

“I was glad I had the opportunity to talk with her instead of just going to her lecture.” -Julia Aagesen ’19

“Peggy answered questions with great explanations.” -Neill Jaico ’16

“I saw highlights from ‘We The Unheard.” Learned of ways to get those ignorant of the issues involved/interested.” -Benny Calderon ’16

Life in the Intercultural Affairs House

Neill Jaico’ 16, Victoria Thomas ’16 and Benny Calderon ’16 caught up with some school work this past Saturday at the Intercultural Affairs House while enjoying each other’s company.IMG_0002


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