"Home Away from Home"


Virtual Postcards from IC

We may be far apart but we are always near at heart! The IC family wants to remind students that no matter the circumstances, we will always be here for you. As Director Molina says, “Los estudiantes vienen primero, segundo, y tercero”[“The students come first, second, and third”] We love you and want to keep the community you have all worked so hard to build intact. Here’s a look at some of our IC students passing the time during social distancing. Who would have thought that distance could bring us so close to home?

Jess Ramtahal, WS’20, finds refuge & empowerment in creativity (indoors)! More virtual postcards from our students to come.

Virtual Postcard of Fulbrighter Zayad Khalaf & Ausama Naqi – music & billiards @IC!

A Virtual Postcard from IC — Dimosthenis Chrysochoou ’22 reminds us that measuring magnetic fields can be a fun part of campus life (even during a lockdown)! Ο Δημοσθένης Χρυσοχόου ‘22 περνάει τον χρόνο μόνος του δουλεύοντας στο προγραμμα NASA Rocksat-C, διάρκειας ενός έτους. Εδώ, κάνει μετρήσεις σε διαφορά μαγνητικά πεδία.

Keeping Ahead of the Financial Game

Last week Wednesday IC Director Alejandra Molina and Associate Director Renee Grant gathered for a very informative conversation with Director of Financial Aid, Beth Nepa. Joined by students Hrithik Biswas ’23, Christina Rozario ’20, and Djeneba Ballo ’20, we engaged in a conversation around a topic that’s on everyone’s mind, finances. The students ask many questions about what financial aid will look like this year, as well as how students in need are able to secure funds during this time that the colleges are closed along with most of the world. Many students we now are feeling the hurt on the challenges that COVID-19 presents. They are not able to work, they are at home with parents that may not be working, and are struggling to make ends meet. Watch the video below to see the conversation and hopefully answer some questions of your own.

Here are some tips based off of last week’s conversation.

Need financial assistance? (don’t forget the Colleges’ emergency fund!) https://www.hws.edu/studentlife/emergency_fund.aspx

Have questions on room and board partial credit and other financial concerns? (webpages and emails are resources for YOU!)
Also send an email to StudentAccounts@hws.edu  if there are any questions that you have that may not be on the FAQ page.

Find it difficult to access your e-bill? (here are the steps!)

  • Go to www.hws.edu. In the upper right hand corner, click on the menu icon.
  • Click on Quick Links / Scroll down to select Peoplesoft Portal / Click on Campus Solutions, and log in / Go to Main Menu, Self Service, Student Center
  • Under the Finances Section, select the blue link “View Bill and Payment Options”

Note: You may need to enable the Nelnet site from your pop-up blocker to progress to the next screen.
From here you can view your charges, e-bills and make payments



Club Caucus Goes Virtual!

If you thought that a pandemic would stop these students from changing our campus, you’d be wrong! Students from all across the country joined in last week for our very first Virtual Club Caucus. As a way to keep connected, culture clubs and student coalitions alike joined forced to brainstorm and adapt new and enriching programming and opportunities to keep connected even while we are miles apart. Club Caucus stands as a meeting ground for students to voice concerns and developments within their club and the greater campus community.

The conversations held last week brought a bit of sunshine to everyones day. During times like these, meetings over the internet can seem superficial, almost pointless, but this was nothing of the sort. Students gathered, spoke about their experience with the current crisis and their own struggles with adjusting, and shed light on policies and resources to help us make it through such an unprecedented time. It was rejuvenating to say the least. There comes a time when you make the decision to move forward or stand still, and these students pushed forward. We are so grateful for these dedicated students and their continued effort to create space for change and support. Sending all our love to our IC family, we hope to see you at the next Club Caucus!

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Campus Pulse: The 60 Seconds Series

The Campus Pulse is a video series initiative by the Office of Intercultural Affairs designed to engage the campus on issues related to social justice, culture, and difference, by showcasing different initiatives, programs, and events that HWS community members (faculty, staff, students) are a part of. Each week we will be featuring different voices of the HWS campus community, so stay tuned!

This episode of The Campus Pulse features Cynthia Williams, Professor of Dance, speaking about the HWS Dance department’s commitments and contributions to the campus in terms of diversity and inclusion. Williams states that the department is committed to break stereotypes of dance as only an artform for “thin, white dancers performing ballet,” rather than a diverse discipline that includes genres across different cultures. Williams, alongside the HWS Dance Department, makes this possible by continuously hosting an array of workshops, masterclasses and performances open to everyone, and in turn, cultivating a sense of community on and off-campus.

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Family, Food and Fun @ IC!

As we all know by now, the IC is a home away from home! And the people that inhabit it everyday make up a second family here on campus. Even if we don’t talk to each other often, the mere acknowledgment of each other’s presences in a safe space such as the Office of Intercultural Affairs connects us as one.

And like every family, we must have dinners together! That is why the IC hosts monthly dinners–for students, faculty and staff alike to connect and spend time together over a meal as one community. Ultimately, this community-making also includes different communities in the area with culinary traditions as well as students, faculty and staff alike on campus. The dinners are catered by local restaurants such as Oba Express.

Everyone is always welcome to join the IC family and chat and have fun!

Dean Khuram Hussain Came, Listened and Took Notes … and will Take Action!

The Office of Intercultural Affairs was very happy to welcome Dean Khuram Hussain on Tuesday, February 18th to facilitate a campus-wide conversation on diversity and inclusion as the Colleges’ new Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion starting June 2020. The student-centered townhall was very much needed to discuss the future of diversity and inclusion on the HWS campus–what is missing and what needs to be done to ensure a safe and productive space for all students, especially students of color and international students.

The campus can do more, and Dean Hussain is aware of this–that is why he hosted the conversation in the first place. He wanted to collect and record the grievances of students concerning diversity and inclusion at the Colleges as well as provide alternatives to improving the experience of students on campus in terms of diversity and equity.

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Celebrating Maslenitsa the Russian Way: Blinis and much more!

February just passed, alongside winter, and Russians celebrated it the best way–with pancakes! Maslenitsa, also known as “pancake week,” is a traditional Russian festivity that takes place at the end of February to celebrate the passing of winter, and it is most famous for its blinis (pancakes). These delicacies are accompanied with toppings and fillings, ranging from salmon and sour cream to all sweet things!

It is believed that the existence of Maslenitsa is due to Russian Orthodox tradition which does not allow eating meat during Shrovetide week, the last week before Lent, but it doesn’t say anything about dairy! In fact, Maslenitsa is the last week that Orthodox Russians are allowed to eat dairy before Lent. This means that every day of this delicious festival is filled with pancakes, butter and many other dairy-delicious foods. What better way to welcome spring?

Now, just because we are in the United States does not mean we don’t get to enjoy from these festivities! The Russian Table was kind enough to share this piece of Russian culture with everyone on campus and invite us to join them on the consumption of many blinis at the Office of Intercultural Affairs. Let’s just say we welcomed spring with open arms!

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