"Home Away from Home"


Alums comes to visit home, the IC!

Zoë Van Nostrand WS’14 came back the IC to discuss the social advocacy work she does in the Ithaca  community. Nostrand is the Education Coordinator and Specialist at the Enough Abuse Program. At the Enough Abuse Program she collaborates with the community to prevent child sexual abuse and provide resources for individuals (of all ages) who experienced sexual abuse as children. The IC is glad she is doing amazing work and came back to talk to HWS students. We wish her the best on all her future endeavors!

Title IX and IC Meet and Plan!

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The Intercultural Affairs Center and the Office of Title IX were excited to host a conversation where several key initiatives were discussed. Together, the IC and Title IX want to have campus wide conversations about sexual assault and sexual safety and wish to reach a large range of students. At the meeting were Alejandra Molina, the Director of the Intercultural Affairs Center, Katie Stiffler, the Deputy Title IX Coordinator and Regina Gesicki, the new Title IX fellow.

Regina Gesicki says “I am excited to join and look forward to collaborating with IC to promote healthy and safe relationships throughout the community.” The IC is glad to welcome her!

Girl Up blanket Making Project

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The mission of the HWS Chapter of Girl Up is to defend gender equality and give resources and a platform to start a social movement on the HWS campus. To further reiterate the mission of Girl Up, the HWS chapter of Girl Up launched a project to make blankets for refugees.

The blanket making project aimed to connect HWS students to new refugees by creating  handmade blankets, providing both symbolic and literal comfort and warmth. At the same time, Girl Up led a talk so students could understand the scope of borders and think about how borders are exclusive, and not inclusive. By participating in this project, HWS students came together to talk about immigration policy and how it affects real-live people.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Celebrate an Early Thanksgiving at IC!

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The IC was excited to host an Early Thanksgiving Dinner for the Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Rochester organization at the IC. Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Rochester focuses on connecting passionate mentors with Rochester school district students to improve graduation rates and personal self-esteem.

At the Thanksgiving dinner, HWS Students and their small ‘siblings’ shared a meal and strengthened their mentoring relationships. Students were able to talk about school and their personal interests with someone who is guiding them towards college. Lisa Sweeney, the Match Coordinator of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Rochester organization said – “Big Brothers Big Sisters is so fortunate to have such an amazing group of dedicated HWS students. It’s exciting to see the program group and we are grateful for the continued support we have on campus! THANK YOU!”

The IC was extremely grateful to host the Big Brothers, Big Sisters and wants to thank Katie Flowers, the Director of the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning, for reaching out and collaborating to make this community dinner possible.

Tatjana Broeker, Fulbright Teaching Fellow @ HWS, Presents on Germany’s Refugee Crisis!

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Tatjana Broeker, the German Fulbright Teaching Fellow at HWS presented on the current German refugee crisis. Today, an unprecedented amount of refugees have tried to enter Europe after ravishing wars have left their countries unable to host civic life. In response to this wave of refugees, anti-refugee sentiment has sprouted in Germany.

A bold pro-refugee movement has come into action, declaring “We can do it”. Broeker says, “many counter reactions to racist, fascist, homophobic, xenophobic demonstrations in Germany are concerts in Chemnitz ‘We are more’ and demonstrations in Hamburg ‘United against Racism'”

Students who attended said they felt they learned so much and were inspired to act upon what they learned.

The Arabic Table brought Henna and Community to IC!

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The Arabic Table was excited to bring henna to the HWS campus! Henna is a widely known decorative material used to beautify hands and feet. Fetched from a bush known as Lawsonia Inermis, Henna leaves are dehydrated and crushed to form henna powder. Then water is added to form a thick Henna paste. In ancient era the Henna paste was used to provide comfort in the diseases related to the blood circulation and various other pains. Nowadays, Henna is used for beautifying hands, legs and dyeing of hairs all across the world and especially in Indian Subcontinent. Students who attended the henna night were excited to get henna applied onto and learn about the history of henna.

Engaging in the National Conversation on Immigration: Fireside Chat with Prof Naomi Rodriguez, Education Department

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Naomi Rodriguez, Professor in the HWS Education Department and active immigrant rights activist, spoke about the state of child welfare in the United States under the current administration. Students who attended were able to learn, firsthand, how the administration asserts that immigrant parents are bad parents for bringing their children illegally into the United States. Lorena Robelo WS’21 said, “This talk was so moving and informative. Rodriguez touched upon such an important issue and inspired me to take action.”