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On November 13th, over 100 students came together at a student led protest at the Scandling Steps that had a few main goals. The goals were to stand in solidarity with Missou, address the controversies over Yik Yak on campus, and to represent marginalized groups on campus.

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Arab Film Festival @ IC

For the following weeks the Intercultural Affairs Center will be hosting an Arab Film Festival. Hiba Amro the Arabic FLTA at HWS this semester. These movies will be screened in the Game Room of the Intercultural Affairs Center and each time there is Middle Eastern food catered for the students that attend. This is what Hiba had to say about the screenings,  “With culture being inseparable from language on the one hand, and narrative being central to both on the other, movies play a significant role in the learning experience of a language student. Providing a context for the cultural issues and messages they deal with and simulating real-life lived experiences, movies increase students’ awareness of stereotypes and promote a better understing of difference. Watching “Wadjda” for example, students developed an awareness about the cultural significance of Hijab as opposed to Islamic teachings. Having watched “Captin Abu Raed” before “Wadjda”, they were also able to compare gender roles and women’s issues in Saudi Arabia and Jordan.


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Focus Group for New TWIP

On November 12th, Cathy Williams from the Office of Communications came to the Intercultural Affairs Center to have a focus group with a few students to gain some insight in the redesigning of  TWIP (This Week in Photos) that Communications publishes on the HWS website.

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Video Game Night

On Friday November 13th, the Intercultural Affairs Center hosted a Video Game Night for students to unwind. For some students it is the opportunity to release a lot of stress that has accumulated throughout the week.


Conversation with Campus Safety

On November 11th, the Intercultural Affairs Center hosted a meeting between the head of Campus Safety and students to facilitate their relations. It was just to improve relations in order for both groups and interactions that have occurred between them on campus.


HWS Impact

On November 8th, there was a conference held in the Vandervort Room. This conference was coordinated by Kaylyn O’Brien WS’12 from the Centennial Center for Leadership, Jeremy Wattles from the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning, Denise Polanco WS’11 from Student Activities and Darline Polanco Wattles WS’09 from the Intercultural Affairs. The conference began with 6 students expressing their stories ranging from stereotypes and how their identities have affected their college experiences. Following the stories the students that attended were split up into groups to discuss issues that they have seen or experienced on campus. Here is what Kaylyn O’Brien WS’12 “I thought HWS Impact provided students with an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversation with one another about the realities of their experiences here on campus. Our goal was to create an environment that encouraged students from a variety of different backgrounds to come together and build connections based on shared stories. It has been meaningful to see the ripple effect of those initial connections, I hope to see HWS Impact grow in the future and allow students to delve further into the complexities associated with stories shared.

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Alums: Where are they now?

In today’s feature we focus on a recent graduate Danielle Stokel ’14 who discuses the ways she is able to still maintain her group of friends that she made at the Intercultural Affairs Center. Here is what she had to say,

Fireside Chat with Chaplain Maurice Charles

On Tuesday November 10th, the Chaplain Maurice Charles of the Colleges came to the Intercultural Affairs Center to talk about social movement and how they occur. He also discussed the importance of channeling the passion and fuel that activist have had and learning how to channel it towards reaching your goals. In addition, the Chaplain explained that many activist channel their passion and fuel through spirituality and spiritual practice. Michael Thompson H’18 explained that the talk had enlightened him on the umbrella that religion had, “I had never considered religion in such a broad sense.” This talk expose how religion can play an existential role in society without a direct link with to the idea of worship or but more to ideology.

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Destiny Mall

On Saturday November 7th, the Intercultural Affairs Center hosted a van for students to go to Destiny Mall in Syracuse. This is an opportunity for students to get some of the belongings that they forgot at home or for other reasons.


Video Game Night

The Intercultural Affairs Center is starting a new late night program on Friday Nights, it is called the Video Game Night. November 6th was the first night of this program and students played Wii and Xbox and had friendly games with each other having a great time. The program is led by Joshua Martin H’18 who said this about the event, “I wanted to provide an alternative to Friday Night events and I am so happy that the Intercultural Affairs has helped me shape this program.

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