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Crepes and Conversation

Yesterday, the French and Francophone Club hosted a Crepes and Conversation. Here are some pictures and comments from the event,

I love being able to learn about new cultures and food techniques that are found around the world! Plus the crepes were so good.” – Chalwyn Caulker WS’17

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Cross Cultural Coffee Hour on Hong Kong

On Monday, the Intercultural Affairs Center hosted a Cross Cultural Coffee Hour on Hong Kong. Victoria Thomas WS’15 and Alison Kuklinsky WS’16 talked about their experiences abroad. Here are some comments and pictures from the event,

I was so excited to come to this event, mostly that I am considering studying in Hong Kong. This talk couldn’t have been more informative and useful to confirm my decision to apply to Hong Kong for study abroad.” David Lahmani H’17


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International Dine and Chat

Last Sunday, the Intercultural Affairs Center held their first International Dine and Chat of the semester in the Game Room. The club members of Sankofa led this particular one by leading the discussion topics. Ms. Wormley was kind enough to make all the food for the event. Here are some pictures and comments from the event,

The food was great and I saw some friends there.” – Alice Theibault WS’15

The food was great. Thank you!” – Genevieve Moralez WS’15

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Trip to Memorial Art Gallery for Black History Month

Last Sunday, a group of student went to the Memorial Art Gallery. Here are some pictures and comments from the trip,

I had a great time reading and learning about the different art works that the Memorial Art Gallery had to offer! – Cody Rivera H’16

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ASU Lunar Year Diner

Last Friday, the Asian Student Union (ASU) hosted a Lunar Year Diner in the Vandervort Room. It was a night of celebrations, with many performances and delicious food. Here are some pictures from the event,

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RA Appreciation Day!

This Wednesday was RA appreciation day with offices all around the campus thanking the RA for their hard work throughout the year. Here are some pictures and comments from the RAs,

“I love the fact that there are many resources available for us at the IC. It is a fun place to be in.” - Jerlin Garo WS’15

“I enjoy coming to the IC to just hang out and for the Writing Tables!” – Gabbie Grimmett WS’17

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Transnational Student Talk: Feminism Across Cultural Boundaries

Last Monday, students came together to talk about feminist issues that have been occurring across the world. Here are some pictures from the event,


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Tickets to the Movies!

On Friday, the Intercultural Affairs Center gave out tickets to International Students to go to the movies. Here are some pictures,

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Culture of Respect Committee Meeting

Last Friday, there was a Culture of Respect Committee Meeting in the Conference Room in the Intercultural Affairs Center. Here are some pictures and comments from the event,

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We have been productive so far our goal is to get as much input from the HWS Community as we continue to move forward.” - Amy Forbes

I’m very excited to see change and I think that students’ voices will finally be of aid to this monumental change at HWS.” - Nicholas Stewart H’15


The Russian Table

Last Monday, the Russian Table was held in the Game Room of the Intercultural Affairs Center. The table led by the Russian FLTA allows for students to practice their Russian speaking skills as well as interacting with Russian speakers in the community. Here are some pictures and comments from the event,

I like events at the IC and I thank them for making it possible to have our events organized here.” – Shafi Shirzai H’17

The Intercultural Affairs Center has always brought groups of people together. It is always pleasant to meet new people and learn about them in a space stirring for this.” - Sebastien Sauvagnat H’17



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