"Home Away from Home"


Our Student Families’ Visit Campus!

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The Reyes, Maceda and Simons-Barrientos families were all on the HWS campus, discovering the IC and learning about the opportunities and services at HWS. Everyone was able to make it onto campus and get to see what the students see!

Mohammad Daajneh H’17 Heads Educational Development Department at EOStudy

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Mohammed Dajneh 17’ joined the EOStudy team as a teacher and is now he Head of the Education Development department. Mohammed’s main role consists of developing and updating various curriculum, supervising the lectures and lesson content, managing the growth, activities and outreach of the entire department and leading the training and orientation of new educators at EOStudy.

When asked about being Department Head of Education Development at EOStudy, Mohammed said “I am humbled to be a part of such a diverse institute. I got to learn about many people from various backgrounds and meet long life lasting friends. I would not be here without the education that I have received at the college, the help and the support of the HWS communities especially the Intercultural affairs office”.

EOstudy​, is an online institute for teaching English for non-English speakers. The institute focuses on preparing students from the Middle East for the IELTS and the TOEFL exams. It also provide ​English Courses ​from the starter level to the advanced level.

Andrew Upton H’12 comes back home to the IC


Andrew Upton H’12, an aspiring animation producer, recently came to visit the IC. Upton came with his family and met with Professor Lisa Yoshikawa of the History Department  and Lowel Bloss of the Asian Studies Program. Upton talked about the importance of the IC, and how much he enjoys his career. He is a production assistant at MAPPA, a Japanese animation studio in Tokyo, where he connects people to art.

Nagina Ahmadi WS’19 coordinates Eid al-Adha Celebration at the IC


HWS students, many of them first-year international students, met at the IC to celebrate Eid al Adha on Saturday August 25. Eid al-Adha commemorates the tale of the Prophet Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son Ishmael as an act of obedience to God.


Nagina Ahmadi WS’19 coordinated this event at the IC. When asked about the event, Ahmadi said- “A holiday does not have meaning without a community that celebrates it and a home to gather in. This year we spent our Eid together in our home, the IC. International and local students stopped by for a slice of cake and a warm hug!”

For more information about Eid al-Adha, check: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/02/world/eid-al-adha-muslims.html

New Faculty Stopped By … and Stayed a While!

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Director of IC, Alejandra Molina welcomed this year’s new faculty. She provided information on the ways in which the IC collaborates with faculty to help students with their writing and assignments. She also shared with them, how IC supports students’ leadership, academic and cultural interests, programs and initiatives.

The IC and Director of IC, Alejandra Molina are ecstatic to welcome new faculty to HWS!

IC Welcomes this Year’s Fulbright Teaching Fellows!


Intercultural Affairs is excited to welcome the newest cohort of Fulbright Scholars to HWS; Sara Monti (Italian), Emila Gabrielle Gilly – Grellier (French), Anna Belykh (Russian), Haithem Mbarka (Arabic) and Tatjana Broeker (German). Fulbrighters will be teaching language courses and getting involved in the HWS community.

Fulbright Scholars represent the brightest minds, dedicated to understanding other cultures and societies. During their time at HWS, Fulbrighters will meet, work, live with and learn from the people of HWS and Geneva. The Fulbright scholarship is meant to promote the mutual understanding of others through the sharing of daily experiences.

For more information, check out: https://us.fulbrightonline.org/fulbright-us-student-program. And don’t be shy, say hi!

Carolin Martínez Díaz WS’19 @ RA Info Session during Training Week!


IC’s intern Carolin Martinez Diaz WS’19 shared information on the various programs and resources available to students as part of the Residential Asssistants’ staff training.

Martinez-Diaz discussed the resources available to LGBTQIA+ scholars, students interested in pursuing an idea that can benefit the HWS campus and students who might need writing, studying or finding a career!

The IC congratulates Martinez-Diaz on all her hard work! Thank you for being committed to student success.